The Infinite Forge

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The Infinite Forge


Weapon Foundry (impromptu)


Cult of Osiris

Notable information:

  • Specializes in co-opting Vex technology to Guardian weaponry
  • Weapons are inspired by prophecies of Osiris

The Infinite Forge is an impromptu weapons foundry located on Mercury. Situated in the Lighthouse and overseen by the Followers of Osiris, the forge specializes in co-opting Vex technology to Guardian weaponry. With eleven weapons in total to create and obtain, each can be acquired after completing their designated Prophecy Tablet, which is fulfilled by seeking out the required resources throughout the Solar system.

To obtain these resources, the player character must participate in a multitude of activities ranging from Public Events, to Heroic Strikes, Crucible matches, and inside of chests located in Patrol Zones. Progress can be marked by the mural adjacent to the Infinite Forge's console. When a weapon has been crafted, a glowing sigil will hover over a corresponding plaque on the wall.


The Infinite Forge.


  • During the Curse of Osiris intro cinematic, Osiris himself is seen using Garden Progeny 1 while under fire in the Vault of Glass.
  • Machina Dei 4 bears resemblance to The Stranger's Rifle and No Time To Explain. There is no explanation offered for the resemblance.
  • Upon forging all weapons, the player receives Sagira's Shell, a usable version of Osiris's ghost, Sagira.


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