Jack Queen King 3

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Jack Queen King 3
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Production overview

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Hand Cannon

Required level:


Min-max magazine:



Ammunition type:


Rate of fire:

150 RPM



Service history


Cult of Osiris


"An army meets, and stands, and falls. Three nobles wage their hopeless war."
"In shifting madness, evil crawls. One stands above the battle's roar.
— Weapon description

Jack Queen King 3 is a Legendary Hand Cannon that can be acquired from The Infinite Forge.


  • Lightweight Frame: Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.
  • Selectable Perk 1:
    • Fastdraw HCS: Agile Hand Cannon sight. Greatly increases handling speed. Slightly increases stability.
    • TrueSight HCS: Balanced Hand Cannon sight. Slightly increases range. Slightly increases stability. Slightly increases handling speed.
    • HitMark HCS: Accurate Hand Cannon sight. Slightly increases range.
  • Selectable Perk 2:
    • Ricochet Rounds: Rounds ricochet off hard surfaces. Increases stability. Slightly increases range.
    • Tactical Mag: This weapon has multiple tactical improvements. Slightly increases stability. Increases reload speed. Slightly increases magazine size.
    • Accurized Rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances. Increases range.
  • Pulse Monitor: Auto-reloads part of the magazine when wielder is critically wounded.


From the journals of Ikora Rey

When I studied with Osiris, he would often tell me: "I see failure in your future." No matter how hard I worked, no matter how strong I became, always: "I still see failure."

I think now what he saw was Io.

When I lost my Light and retreated from a ruined City, when I arrived on Io to find only silence, I too thought I had failed. Even after Ghaul's defeat and the Traveler's waking, I told my friends I thought the Traveler had tested me, and that I had failed its test.

But now I'm not so sure.

Perhaps what Osiris saw for me—what I experienced on Io—was simply that I needed help. That most Human of conditions. I needed to be in a fireteam, and to be a fireteam for others in turn.

How like Osiris to see that and name it failure.

I won't make that mistake again.

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