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This just catalogs all the raid exotics and which archetypes have not been covered. This will be updated for every new raid and raid exotic is released.

Raid Exotic Archetypes[edit]

Primary Weapons[edit]

Auto Rifles[edit]

Scout Rifles[edit]

Pulse Rifles[edit]



Sub-machine Guns[edit]


Primary Fusion Rifle[edit]

Secondary Weapons[edit]


Sniper Rifles[edit]

Fusion Rifles[edit]

Trace Rifle[edit]

Grenade Launchers (Breach-loaded)[edit]


Special Sidearms[edit]

Linear Fusion (Special Slot)[edit]

Heavy Weapons[edit]

Heavy Shotgun[edit]

Heavy Fusion Rifle[edit]

Machine Guns[edit]

Rocket Launchers[edit]


Grenade Launchers (Drum-loaded)[edit]

Linear Fusion Rifle[edit]

Heavy Glaive[edit]

Heavy Sniper Rifle[edit]

Heavy Bow[edit]

Elements Covered[edit]