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A crashed Warsat on Earth
"We have a Warsat incoming!"

Warsats (short for War Satellites) are orbital military satellites built during the Golden Age to defend Earth and the other colonies throughout the Solar System.[2]


Thousands of Warsats were launched into orbit above the planets of the Solar System.[3] and together with an array of hardened surface installations, the Warsats formed a vast communications and defense network throughout which the Warminds distributed themselves.[3] During the Collapse, as humanity's defeat became certain, Rasputin ordered the surviving Warminds to isolate themselves and enter long-term dormancy, leaving the Warsats unmanned and idle for centuries.[4][5]

When the Cosmodrome's Terrestrial Array was reactivated by The Guardian, Rasputin exploited this opportunity to spread himself across the inner system, regaining access to the Warsat network and its weapon systems once more.[4][6]

At least some Warsats are armed with powerful X-ray lasers, being able to destroy targets on the planet's surface. During the evacuation of the New Pacific Arcology on Titan, a Warsat controlled by Rasputin destroyed an evacuation shuttle carrying Dr. Shanice Pell and other evacuees by a single shot from orbit.[7] Rasputin would later use these munitions against both the Cabal and Vex on Mars. [4][8]

Derelict Warsats periodically fall from orbit on Earth, the Moon, and Mars. The location where one impacts becomes the site of a Public Event. Guardians must defend the Warsat from enemies while it is scanned and transmatted by a Ghost to the City, where it can be carefully studied by the Cryptarchs.[4]

The Crucible site Javelin-4 is a Warsat launch facility stationed on Io.


  • Engineers of the City have been reverse-engineering Warsat technology, such as the self defense mechanisms used in the Exotic Titan gauntlets ACD/0 Feedback Fence.
  • A partially disassembled Warsat can be seen being analyzed next to Sloane on Titan.


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