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Restore or recover lost Vex Minds


Theosyion, the Restorative Mind
The Undying Mind
Quria, Blade Transform


Echo Chamber, Venus
Black Garden


The Weavers are a subtype group of Vex who are tasked with searching and recovering Vex Minds destroyed or lost from the Vex Network. They seem to do this by using time travel to retroactively find a version of the lost Mind and bring it from its timeline to theirs. A notable Weaver would be Theosyion, the Restorative Mind in the Echo Chamber, who was sent by the Vex Network to bring back Sekrion, Nexus Mind, to restart the conversion of Venus into a Machine World.[1]



The Weavers are tasked with recreating or searching for lost and destroyed Vex Mind's. At an unknown period of time, the Precursors would create the Weaver known as the Undying Mind, to protect the Black Garden, and ensure it remains under the Vex's control.

Sealing the Garden[edit]

Shortly after the destruction of the Black Heart, the Undying Mind would awaken to seal the Black Garden away in Darkness and recreate the Black Heart. To prevent the ancient Axis Mind's plan, Ikora Rey would send a fireteam to destroy the Undying Mind. Despite its power, it would be defeated by the Guardians, preventing the Black Heart's return.

Taken War[edit]

Theosyion, the Restorative Mind would make it's way to the Echo Chamber on Venus to restore Sekrion, Nexus Mind, so the Vex could resume their transformation of the planet into a machine world. However, the Vanguard would discover this plan, they would send a fireteam of Guardian's, who would successfully destroy Theosyion and stop the Vex's plans.

Some time after the Taken War, Savathûn would use Quria's ability to create a simulation of Oryx to gain control of the Taken. Quria would become an important part of the Witch Queen's plans.

Return of the Undying Mind[edit]

With the destruction of the Sol Inherent by a six Guardian fireteam, the Undying Mind would return. It would create hundreds of thousands of copies of itself across different realities. However Ikora Rey would create a modified Vex gate so they could track the Undying Mind across the different timelines. The Guardians would succeed, and the Undying Mind would be destroyed across every single timeline.

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