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The Bronco
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Tex Mechanica


"A man's only as good as his ride"
Tex 99-40

The Bronco is an Exotic Sparrow introduced during Season of the Forge. [1] It could be acquired by encrypting Bright Engrams. It could also be purchased in the Eververse Store as part of a New Guardian Pack, included with the Kitbash Shell, the Lost Legend ship, and the Stylish Sit Emote.


"They don't make 'em like they used to."

Here at Tex Mechanica, we've been saying that about guns for years. In these days of technological advancement, when everyone's gone starry-eyed over what's new and what's next, neat gadgets and slick design win out over pure firepower every time. But that ain't always how it was. And with a Tex gun, that ain't how it has to be now, either.

We make guns the way they're meant to be: fast, powerful, and built to last.

Now we're setting our sights on a new frontier. That's right—saddle up and get ready to ride, because Tex Mechanica is in the Sparrow business.

Designed with the true Guardian experience in mind, this beauty will let you ride hard and fast over rough terrain, laying waste to anything that dares stand in your path.

I may be nothin' but an old hunk of metal with a personality built around a corporate brand identity, but I tell you what… I know quality, Guardian, and quality's what you get when you go with Tex Mechanica.

Like we always say: If you're gonna play, play for keeps.

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