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Pale Steed
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"It's the thrill of the chase."
— Unknown

Pale Steed is an Exotic Sparrow introduced during Season of the Haunted. [1] It that could be acquired by reaching rank 30 on the paid track of the Season Pass during Season of the Haunted.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
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"Eyes on the road," Marcus Ren told himself. "And don't look back."

It was a motto he lived by, both on and off the track.

His Sparrow screamed across Luna's surface, kicking up clouds of moondust in its wake. Out here, he was free to push prototype engines to their limits. To open the throttle wide and really cut loose.

But that wasn't why he was riding so fast tonight.

He didn't notice anything strange at first. Not until he stopped to check the Sparrow's instruments. And then, he felt it: eyes on his back, a chill on his neck.

Marcus immediately hit the ignition and boosted the Sparrow to its top speed. But still the feeling followed him, and he knew what it was.

A Nightmare.

He'd heard the term on Vanguard channels. Phantoms wearing the faces of the lost, tormenting those who remembered them. And Marcus Ren remembered a lot of people.

He switched off the fuel regulator and kicked the Sparrow into overdrive. He didn't know who was chasing him, and he sure as hell wasn't looking over his shoulder to find out.

"Eyes on the road," he repeated aloud, gripping the handlebars until his knuckles were as pale as death.

"And never look back."

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