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Tigerspite Preview
Production overview

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Auto Rifle

Min-max magazine:



Ammunition type:


Rate of fire:

450 RPM



Service history




"What else can we do but take up arms?"
Corsair Amrita Vae

Tigerspite is a Legendary Auto Rifle earned in activities in the Dreaming City.


  • Precision Frame: This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.


Kazia watches as Amrita tears through their little cobbled-together home. She's ripping it apart, trying to put it into a backpack.

"Hurry," she's saying. "It's finally happening."

Kazia watches, but all she sees are the walls they built with their own hands. The tiny garden they coaxed out of the parched earth. The mountains on the horizon, so unlike any in the Reef. The salvage they transformed from left-behind scraps into beloved possessions. She watches, but all she thinks of is the before and the after. She's starting to realize that she stopped longing for the "before" years ago.

It's clear now that Amrita has been dreaming of it every day.

When Kazia speaks, it takes all her courage. "What about our life here?"

Amrita reels. "What life?" she says, thoughtless. "This isn't a life, Kazia. This is waiting. Hiding. This is… purgatory. The Queen's alive. Petra needs us. We have to fight."

Of those who go and those who stay, Amrita goes and Kazia stays. Alone.


  • In the days before The Last City was built, the Tigerspite was a standard issue autorifle for many Reefborn Awoken, with many intended to be sold to wider Guardian populations on Earth.[1]
  • Despite this, the weapon's frame bears similarities to SUROS weapons such as the Solemn Hymn and Galliard-42, although SUROS's only kinetic auto rifle is the SUROS Regime
  • The weapon fires cased telescoped 11x90mm rounds made of a proprietary plasteel-spinmetal blend.[1][2] These rounds are both somewhat larger and significantly longer than even some real-world specialized sniper rifle rounds, and are comparable to rounds designed for anti-materiel purposes or to hunt large game animals.

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