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Amrita Vae
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Amrita Vae is a Corsair in service of the Reef who left after the Battle of Saturn sent the Reef into chaos. After access to the Dreaming City was reopened, Amrita returned to the Reef and joined Petra Venj to combat the Taken curse that had been placed upon the city.


Life on Earth[edit]

"This isn't a life, Kazia. This is waiting. Hiding. This is... purgatory. The Queen's alive. Petra needs us. We have to fight."
— Amrita, attempting to convince Kazia to come with her

In the confusion and chaos that engulfed the Reef following the destruction of the Awoken fleet at the Battle of Saturn, the disappearance of Queen Mara Sov, and the Hive and Taken invasion of several Awoken settlements, Amrita was one of many Awoken who fled the Reef. Alongside Kazia she settled on Earth, where they salvaged scraps to build a house near a mountain range and grew a garden to feed themselves. Despite their new life, Amrita missed the Reef and hoped to return one day when the chaos subsided. Three years after the Taken War began, Regent-Commander Petra Venj sent out word to all remaining Awoken that Queen Mara was alive and implored them to return to the Reef to help combat the Taken curse upon the Dreaming City. Amrita immediately began to pack her and Kazia's possessions in preparation for their return to the Reef and implored her companion to begin packing. However, Kazia asked why they should abandon their life on Earth, shocking Amrita. She told Kazia that they were not living life, just hiding, and with Mara alive and Petra needing their help to fight the Taken, they had no choice but to leave and fight. This argument did not convince Kazia, who remained behind at their home on Earth while Amrita returned to the Reef and resumed her duties as a Corsair.[1]

The Cursed City[edit]

The battle to reclaim the Dreaming City suffered a major setback with the death of Riven, a Taken Ahamkara who unleashed a powerful Taken curse upon the city with her death. Hive forces assaulted Awoken temples across the Dreaming City and stole valuable relics that contained critical data on Awoken history. Amrita was one of many Corsairs sent to stop them, but she was wounded and sought refuge in a cave within The Strand. She sent out a message to Petra requesting medical evacuation, causing the Regent-Commander to send the Young Wolf to help her. Amrita explained what the Hive were doing to the Guardians, and that the relics contained information on weapons that they could not understand and secrets the Awoken had learned from other worlds and galaxies which they could not afford to lose. The Young Wolf recovered one of the stolen relics and returned it to Amrita while a Galiot arrived to ferry her to safety. Amrita told them the Hive had looted other relics from the Hall of Names and thanked them for their aid.[2]

Two weeks later, the Young Wolf was thought to have broken the curse when they killed Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return. However, the Dreaming City seemingly reset to the state it had been in three weeks prior. Amrita discovered the Hive once again looting the same temples and attempted to stop them, noting that she seemed unable to do anything differently. Once again wounded, she found refuge in the same cave as before and called for evac. When the Young Wolf arrived, Amrita reflected that she felt like a prisoner in her own body and that even simple changes like going left instead of right could not be made. The Guardian successfully retrieved the relic once more, and when they returned Amrita wondered if they were playing a game of memory and if they did not do everything exactly the same they would die.[2]

During the third iteration of the loop, Amrita asked the Young Wolf how they found it within themselves to keep doing the same thing over and over again while knowing exactly what would happen. The Guardian's Ghost told her that she needed to believe that change was possible. When the Guardian returned with the relic, Amrita joked that her ride was right on time and waiting on her, thinking that it was one of the perks of a never-ending curse.[2]

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