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You all should know that i play Destiny if you read my profile. I might not be that good but i still play it. The thing is though, I feel that Destiny could've been better


Bungie should've added, is things like trading, more diffrences in the weapons ( change the weapons textures, not just change the colors ), more things to do, and mainly, a new story.

Im not saying that the story is bad, just saying it could've been better.

The events as well. The events is where, if you're not strong enough, you'll get no where. You have to have enough light, or get your a** kicked.

Iron Banner

Trials of Osiris

And they really need to add trading between players. And maybe open-world PvP.


I also like anime ( i call it animu ). Visual novels are anime games

Currently, my favorite visual novel game is

Princess Evangile

if you search it up and see negative things about it, dont blame me!!!!! ^_^

Im also a high school freshmen, if anyone cares.

In Destinypedia, I mainly go to random pages and check for grammar errors

Im still studing how to edit properly, so please, dont be frustrated if something is not done right!