House Light Brig

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House Light Brig
Biographical information




House of Light



Combat information


The Hollow, Part II


ArcS.png Electrocution Bolts
VoidS.png Death Cannon
SolarS.png Annihilation Blaster
SolarS.png Spitfire


High Durability
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
SolarS.png Fiery Burst


House Light Brig is a Fallen Brig of the House of Light, encountered in the quest The Hollow, Part II. It appears at the very end of Mithrax, Kell of Light's fight against Korha, the Hollow, dropping on to and crushing Korha to end the battle.[1]


The Brig makes its first appearance in The Hollow, Part II. Once Korha's health has been depleted enough, they will gain an immunity shield and slowly approach Mithrax, who also begins approaching Korha. Any other remaining enemies will transmat out. Once the two are close enough, the Brig will drop down, crush, and kill Korha.

Functionally, it is similar to other Brigs. Although it will mostly be standing still until the mission ends, it will still attack leftover Stasis crystals left by Korha with its weapons.


  • If there are any Stasis crystals left after the battle, the Brig will begin attacking and destroying them.
  • The Brig has the same appearance as a House Salvation Fallen Commodore or Factory Brig, bearing House Salvation's colors and insignia. This is likely due to Mithrax reprogramming it similarly to the Shanks throughout the mission.
  • The Brig crushes Korha the same way as the Factory Brig crushes the Factory Walker in Sabotaging Salvation.