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"Take them out, Guardian. Make them pay."

Tevis was a sly Hunter who had the rare gift of calling out to the Void. He was a friend of Cayde-6, who described him as a "lying cheat". Apart from owing Cayde a large amount of Glimmer Tevis was a well respected and revered member of Nightstalkers, a Hunter subclass which uses the Void to quickly dispatch enemy forces.

Tevis was found dead in the Black Garden after his Ghost was trapped on the other side of a Warp Gate, leaving him to fend for himself, and was ultimately killed by the Vex. After finding the Nightstalker's corpse, the player gains the Nightstalker subclass (and the accompanying ability Shadowshot) from him in the story mission A Ranger Lost, before Cayde-6 tasks the player to kill all of the Vex in vengeance for his friend's death.