Rise of the Young Wolf

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Fallen Crusades


Crota's Assault

Rise of the Young Wolf
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Last City:

The Reef:

Spawn of Crota:

Hidden Swarm:

Blood of Oryx:

House of Devils:

House of Kings:

House of Exile:

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Last City:

The Reef:

  • Unkown (intelligence and indirect support)
  • Countless Hive
  • Countless Fallen


  • Countless Vex platforms


  • Countless Cabal
  • Dozens of Guardians
  • Thousands of Hive
  • Thousands of Fallen


  • Thousands of Vex platforms


  • Thousands of Cabal
Civilian casualties
  • Unknown

The Speaker: "The Darkness is coming back. We will not survive it this time."
The Guardian: "What can I do?"
The Speaker: "You must push back the Darkness. Guardians are fighting on Earth and beyond. Join them."
— The Speaker on the Guardian's purpose

The Rise of the Young Wolf is an event that occurred, where The Guardian is resurrected in the Cosmodrome and become legend on the eve of the Darkness's return as it threatens to return to the Sol System and finish what it started during the Collapse.


A Guardian Rises[edit]

Centuries after the Collapse, a lone Ghost travels across the Cosmodrome searching for their Guardian. Arriving at the gateway, the Ghost discovers and resurrects The Guardian, he attempts to explain what has happened but is interrupted by a Fallen roar. They enter the wall and finds gear and a weapon. They defeat a crew of the House of Devils led by Rahn, Devil Captain and escape with a jumpship just as Riksis, Devil Archon emerges. The Fallen attempt to shoot the ship but to no avail, as a mysterious stranger watches the Guardian fly away.

The Guardian and Ghost arrive at the Tower in the Last City and is acquainted to the Vanguard leaders, Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Cayde-6, the gunsmith Banshee-44, the Cryptarch Rahool and others. In order to travel beyond Earth, the Guardian returns to the Cosmodrome to search for a Warp Drive, they encounter and defeat Riksis, Devil Archon and return to the Tower to speak with the Speaker. The Speaker explains what the Ghosts and explains about the history of Humanity and The Traveler. He then explains that the Darkness is returning and they will not be able to defeat it.

Seeking to prevent this, the Guardian asks what they can do and the Speaker tells them join the other Guardians to fight of the threats of Humanity.

Survival of the Warmind[edit]

Due to renewed Fallen activity the Guardian is sent to investigate, there they encounter the Hive Brood, the Hidden Swarm led by Gotra, Eir Spawn and bring an end to their infestation.

Later the Vanguard reports that the Fallen are tearing into machines across the Cosmodrome and the Guardian arrives to bring an end to this. They defeat forces of the House of Devils and Kings and discover the existence of the Warmind Rasputin.

Later they arrive at the Skywatch in an attempt to gain access to the Array. Successfully fighting off Hive and Fallen, however Rasputin takes control of the Array.

Assault on the Moon[edit]

Following the footsteps of a previous Guardian, the Young Wolf arrives on the Moon to infiltrate the Hive Fortress, the Hellmouth. They discover the remains of the Guardian and choose to enter the fortress as the mysterious stranger watches on. In the fortress theydefeat Hive and members of the House of Exile, discovering the dead ghost and the Hive's plan for an invasion of Earth.

However the Guardian would return to Earth to lead a fireteam into The Devils' Lair, destroying the Prime Servitor, Sepiks Prime.

To discover more about what the Hive are planning the Young Wolf infiltrates The World's Grave to steal data. Later they once again infiltrate the Hellmouth and steal the Sword of Crota to slay the Swarm Princes.

Discovering a lead from the exiled Warlock Osiris, the Guardian arrives in the Hellmouth once more to destroy the Shrine of Oryx, defeating the crew of Frigoris, Exiled Baron and the protector of the shrine, Sardok, Eye of Oryx.

Upon discovering the Hive are draining the Light from a shard of the Traveler, the Speaker would broadcast a warning. When arriving on the Moon, someone attempts to establish contact with the Young Wolf. This turns out to be the mysterious Exo stranger that was watching them, she tells them to confront the Hive and find her if they live, the Ghost acquires the coordinates located in the Ishtar Sink on Venus. They enter the Chamber of Night and kill the Siphon Witchs, stopping the ritual.

Later a fireteam of Guardian descend into The Summoning Pits, slaying the Ogre Abomination Phogoth, the Untamed.

The Stranger's Warning[edit]

Following the coordinates of the Exo Stranger, they arrive on Venus. There the Guardian defeats forces of the House of Winter and the Vex Division, the Hezen Corrective in the Ishtar Academy. The Exo Stranger arrives shortly after, telling them to enter the Black Garden and to destroy it's heart, so the Traveler can begin to heal.

In order to find the Black Garden, the Guardian seeks the help of the Awoken. Upon arriving at the Reef, they are granted audience with Queen Mara Sov. They are told they must find the head of a Vex Gate Lord in order to enter. Returning to the Ishtar Academy, they discover the way to summon a Gate Lord.

Later a fireteam of Guardians descend deep into the Ishtar Academy and destroy Sekrion, Nexus Mind, delaying the Vex's conversion of Venus into a machine world. Attempting to stop Draksis, Winter Kell from further communing his forces from a network of caves in The Cinders. The Young Wolf enters inside the Wintership Simiks-Fel and kills the Winter Kell. Left scattered but not broken, the House of Winter hire Taniks, the Scarred to break Aksor, Archon Priest out of the Prison of Elders, tho he is successfully broken out, he is slain by a fireteam of Guardians.

Reaching the Endless Steps, the Guardian summons and defeats Zydron, Gate Lord, retrieving it's head. Returning to the Reef, they are told that the entrance to the Black Garden is located at the Meridian Bay on Mars.

Searching for the Entrance[edit]

Discovering the location of the entrance to the Black Garden, the Guardian arrives on Mars, coming into conflict with the Cabal of the Sand Eaters, and the Virgo Prohibition of the Vex. They are then order by Rahool to stop the Cabal from destroying the technology in the Buried City, encountering and defeating forces of the Sand Eaters led by Bracus Tha'aurn and discover Rasputin had taken control of the machine they were looking for. However the Virgo Prohibition would begin to turn on their Transfer Gates to return to the Black Garden, however their plans are thrashed by the Young Wolf

Seeking to take out Cabal command, Commander Zavala would send a fireteam to assault the Imperial Land Tank and defeat Valus Ta'aurc, commander of the Siege Dancers. Even after their defeats, the Cabal would continue their assaults. They would dispatch the Elite Psionic Ice Reapers to locate one of Rasputin's usurped AI core. In response Cayde-6 would send a fireteam who would successfully stop the Cabal's plans.

Destruction of the Black Heart[edit]

With the Gate Lord's Eye fully charged, the Guardian defeats the Vex guarding the entrance and Successfully enters the Black Garden. They fight through the Sol Divisive and use the Gate Lord's eye to successfully open the gate where the Black Heart resides.

The Black Heart summons it's vessels the Primeval Mind, Eschaton Mind, and Imminent Mind of the Sol Progeny in an attempt to defeat the Guardian. Despite it's power it was unable to defeat the Guardian who destroyed it's vessels, destroying it in the process. With the destruction of the Black Heart, the Traveler would begin healing.

Breaching the Vault of Glass[edit]

Using data from a unnamed Ishtar archive, following in the footsteps of a previous fireteam led by Kabr, the Legionless, Pahanin, Praedyth and three others. A six Guardian fireteam led by the Guardian arrive on Venus to enter the Vault of Glass, a timeless realm where the Vex can manipulate time.

They open the gate to the Vault by assembling a Spire, they then arrive at the Templar's Well, destroying the Oracles and The Templar with the assistance of the Aegis, a weapon that can protect Guardians from being wiped from time and capable of destroying the Templar's shield.

With the destruction of the Templar, the Guardians make their way from Gorgon's Labyrinth to the Glass Throne, avoiding the Gorgons in the process, Vex units capable of wiping beings from existence.

Upon entering the Glass Throne, the fireteam destroy the Gatekeepers and confront Atheon, Time's Conflux, despite it's power and manipulation over time, it would be unable to defeat the Guardians and meets its end.


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