Fallen Crusades

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Battle of the Twilight Gap


Battle of Bannerfall


Rise of the Young Wolf

Fallen Crusades


Eliksni siege




  • Saint-14 launches counter attacks against the different Fallen houses
    • Solkis, Kell of Devils is killed by Saint-14
      • House of Devils left leaderless
        • Sepiks Prime and Riksis, Devil Archon rule the House
          • The Devils Lair is established
        • The Devil Splicers led by Aksis, Archon Prime splinter away
    • House of Kings return to manipulating events in the shadows
      • Craask, Kell of Kings gains influence over the Devils leadership
    • House of Winter return to Venus
      • House of Winter come into conflict with the Vex
        • The Vex division known as the Hezen Corrective is tasked with eliminating the House of Winter
      • Simiks Prime disappears
      • Draksis, Winter Kell continues to order assaults against the city
        • Cayde-6 raises the bounty on Draksis, Winter Kell
    • Saint-14 enters the Infinite Forest to search for Osiris
      • Saint-14 goes missing
      • Zavala becomes the new Titan Vanguard
  • Countless Guardians
  • Countless Fallen
Civilian casualties
  • Unknown number of Last City civilians killed
  • Unknown number of Fallen civilians killed

The Fallen Crusades were a series of Fallen attacks by the Guardians led by Saint-14 as a response to the Battle of the Twilight Gap. These attacks were so successful that Saint found himself in a duel with the Kell of the House of Devils, Solkis. The Kell held Saint in a choking grip, but Saint used the last of his energy to headbutt the Kell, making his skull cave in.


After the Battle of the Twilight Gap, Saint-14 and many other Guardians sought to take revenge for the amount of life lost. They would launch attacks against the different houses, slaughtering armies of Fallen. Saint-14 would hunt and track down Solkis, Kell of Devils, and engage in a ferocious battle with the Devil Kell. The Great Titan would use his remaining Light to headbutt and pierce Solkis's head with his helmet. Saint-14 would tell the Speaker of his triumph. The Speaker would congratulate him, declaring him the greatest champion of the Last City. After Saint-14 noticed concern in the Speaker's voice, he would tell him that Osiris was on Mercury, Saint-14 would arrive on Mercury and enter the Infinite Forest. However he would come into conflict with the Vex.[1] Despite his power and strength he would eventually go missing. After his disappearance Zavala would become the new Titan Vanguard.

With the death of their Kell, Riksis, Devil Archon alongside Sepiks Prime would gain power within their House. They would establish The Devils' Lair, which would become the Devils main base of operations. [2] Aksis, Archon Prime and his Devil Splicers sought to gain free from their reliance on Ether, and would splinter away from the rest of the House. Craask, Kell of Kings would gain influence over the broken Devils leadership, influencing them from the shadows. [3]

The House of Winter returned to Venus after their defeat, they would come into conflict with the Vex. Due to their consistent battles, the Vex would create the Hezen Corrective to combat and defeat the House of Winter. Their Prime Servitor Simiks Prime would be destroyed, though the prove behind its destruction is elusive. [4]

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