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Didi is the Ghost of the Hunter Marcus Ren.


During the fall of the Last City to the Red Legion, Didi and Marcus Ren were attempting to escape the City after they were drained of the Light by the Cabal placing a cage on the Traveler. As they raced through the ruined city, Didi attempted to shout a warning to Marcus when she spotted a Centurion firing on them, but her warning came too late and their Sparrow was destroyed. They were saved from death at the Centurion's hands by the arrival of Enoch Bast, who slew the Cabal and carried Marcus to safety.[1]

After the Last City was liberated and the Traveler awakened, restoring Light to all Ghosts and Guardians including Didi and Marcus, the two of them returned to the Last City. When Marcus remarked one day that he was bored and wanted a new project, Didi objected and affectionately bumped him on the head while reminding him that he had three unfinished Sparrows and a project from Ikora Rey that he had to complete. Marcus asked her to be serious, and she insisted she was, but she then floated over to Marcus' red racing jacket and commented that she had always wanted one for herself. Her Guardian sat up and asked if she was serious, causing Didi to question if that was weird. Jumping up, Marcus thanked her and declared it was perfect before kissing Didi before declaring that he would make her the flashiest shell ever. Pleased that she had found a new project for Marcus, Didi bumped his head affectionately again and told him he was welcome.[2]

Several months later, Didi wrote a four-and-a-half-act play entitled "ORYX THE NIGHTMARE DADDY: One Brave Ghost Versus the Death from Outer Space" to be put on by the Ghost Community Theater, based on the events of the Taken War. Didi played the role of the Young Wolf while Marcus played their Ghost. The rest of the cast included Enoch as Oryx, Pixie as Ir Halak, a sweeperbot as Ir Anûk, and Enoch's Ghost as the shade of Crota. Reaction to the play was poor among both Ghosts and Guardians, with Commander Zavala viewing it as disrespectful and with poor papier-mâché while Lord Shaxx admired the enthusiasm but found it odd that it was so sexually charged. The Ghost of the Young Wolf was also horrified, while Ophiuchus was extremely judgmental. Tyra Karn's Ghost was the most offended by the structure of the play's acts, and eventually found Didi to teach her the basics of narrative composition.[3]

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