Oryx the Nightmare Daddy

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"Undeniably enthusiastic, I'll grant you that. But is the dialogue meant to come across so… sexually charged?"
— Lord Shaxx

ORYX THE NIGHTMARE DADDY: One Brave Ghost Versus the Death from Outer Space was a play written by Didi that was performed for the Ghost Community Theater that retells the Young Wolf's defeat of Oryx, the Taken King. The role of the Young Wolf was played by Didi herself, while The Ghost of the Young Wolf was played by Didi's Guardian Marcus Ren. Enoch Bast portrayed Oryx while his Ghost played Crota, Son of Oryx's shade and Pixie played Ir Halak with a Sweeperbot playing Ir Anûk.

The play drew sharp criticism from Commander Zavala, who deemed it insensitive and with terrible paper-mâché props, while Ophiuchus judged it in silence and the Young Wolf's Ghost was horrified by his portrayal. The Ghost of Tyra Karn hated the four-and-half-act structure of the play and attempted to teach Didi about proper narrative composition.[1]

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