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First House of Reborn Wolves
House of Reborn Wolves


Alomar, Wolf Kell Reborn
Hyrithor, Reborn Wolf Baroness


Orbiks Prime


New Lovasiri, 221 Eos


Hunt for the Scorn
Nightmare Hunts
War of Salvation


"Once, Skolas said that Wolves shall reign forever. But we are reborn in trade and loom, not blade and fang. We are weavers, not warriors, and we should have remembered that long ago."
Alomar, Wolf Kell Reborn

The House of Reborn Wolves is a Fallen House.


Basic Bitch History[edit]

The House of Reborn Wolves began with Alomar, its first Kell. A member of the original House of Wolves before its destruction, he traveled the system, preaching a return to the old ways of Riis. He Gathered followers, those that wanted to know the ways of the original house as it once was, not the cruelty it became.

Alomar established a small settlement on Luna called Lovasiri. From there, he would send out salvage teams to bring back tech to build up the house. It was here he met Nulosar-7, and forged a short alliance with him. Around this time, Alomar received Raiju's Fang.

Nulosar solidified the alliance with Alomar by delivering to him the remains of Orbiks Prime, as well as Skolas' Elder Cipher. Not long after, Hyrithor was established as Baroness, and Nycrix as Archon Priest.

A few months later, Alomar dissolved the alliance with Nulosar-7, after being antagonized by his fellow Guardians. When Nulosar-7 came to try and fix things, he was met with refusal, after two guardians trespassed upon Reborn Wolf territory and hacked their systems. In time however, the First House of Reborn Wolves was dissolved due to pressure from the Last city.

And in time, it would remain, until Alomar got out of the Prison of Elders and began reconstituting his home. With the reconstruction of New Lovasiri on 221 Eos underway, the house has started to grow once more, with members returning from hiding to rejoin their Kell on 221 Eos.



Shadows of the Scarlet Keep[edit]

Lovasiri built on Luna

Season of the Hunt[edit]


Season of the Chosen[edit]


The Second Collapse[edit]


Mainline Structure[edit]

The Reborn Wolves, specifically in its second iteration, works a bit differently from most Eliksni Houses. At the top of the leadership is obviously the Kell, but below him is not a direct hierarchy. Instead, the Kell has a council of representatives from different parts of the House. They are the High Archon, the Head Splicer, the Great Weaver, and the Fleet Lord. All members of the Kell's Council are of the Baron Rank.

Military Ranks[edit]

The House of Reborn Wolves in its second iteration has a proper military, which is shown on the table below.

Second House of Reborn Wolves Military Ranks
Rank Type
Kel Supreme Leader
High Archon Co-Supreme Leader
Archon High Rank Officer/Religious
Baron/Baroness Mid Rank Officer
Captain Low Rank Officer
Vandal High Rank Warrior
Marauder Mid Rank Warrior
Ondesh Low Rank Warrior
Onksil Recruit


Wall of Stories[edit]

The Wall of Stories is an ancient Tradition from Riis' golden age. The tradition is a simple one: Each family group in the House maintains a wall of their home with a patchwork tapestry on it, which tells the lives and deeds of the members of that family group. Some family groups, like Alomar's family, had entire rooms or multiple rooms with these tapestries, some of them only for a single member. While many such works, known as Story Banners, were lost during the whirlwind, several were preserved or remanded. The largest known one is that of their Kell, Alomar, due to his very long life and prominent weaving skills.



Prime Servitors[edit]



Notable Eliksni[edit]

Allied Lightbearers[edit]

Notable Groups[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]





  • The ranks of Onksil and Ondesh replace Dreg and Wretch respectively among the Reborn Wolves

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