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Melee is the act of physically attacking an enemy by striking them with a close-quarters bladed weapon, or with a fist or palm. In the Destiny series, each class of Guardian has its own unique melee attack, as well as an elementally charged attack.[1]



The basic melee attack, colloquially known as an "uncharged melee", is executed by pressing the appropriate button. The player will lunge slightly towards their target, allowing them to attack even if further than point blank. This attack inflicts Kinetic damage, and can kill another Guardian in two hits, not accounting for any beneficial or detrimental effects.

Every subclass also has access to an elemental melee Ability, called a "charged melee". This allows the player to execute various utility moves, depending on their subclass. Most subclasses have multiple melees, with differing cooldowns. The cooldown of melee abilities is also modified by the character's Strenght stat.

By default, a player executes their charged melee if it is ready, and their uncharged melee if the other is on cooldown. However, they can be separated through keybinds.

Subclass melee attacks (Destiny)[edit]

Class SolarS.png Solar ArcS.png Arc VoidS.png Void
Hunter Gunslinger Throwing Knife Bladedancer Blink Strike Nightstalker Smoke
Titan Sunbreaker Sunstrike Striker Storm Fist Defender Void Punch
Warlock Sunsinger Scorch Stormcaller Thunderstrike Voidwalker Energy Drain

Subclass melee attacks (Destiny 2)[edit]

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Class SolarS.png Solar ArcS.png Arc VoidS.png Void StasisS.png Stasis StrandS.png Strand
Hunter Gunslinger Knife Trick/Throwing Knife (lightweight, proximity and weighted) Arcstrider Combination Blow/Disorienting Blow/Tempest Strike Nightstalker Smoke Bomb Revenant Withering Blade Threadrunner Threaded Spike
Titan Sunbreaker Hammer Throw/Hammer Strike/Consecration Striker Seismic Strike /Ballistic Slam/Thunderclap Sentinel Shield Bash/Shield Throw Behemoth Shiver Strike/Howl of the Storm Berserker Frenzied Blade/Flechette Storm
Warlock Dawnblade Celestial Fire/Incinerator Snap Stormcaller Ball Lightning/Chain Lightning/Lightning Surge Voidwalker Pocket Singularity Shadebinder Penumbral Blast Broodweaver Arcane Needle


Most enemy combatants have ways to attack in melee. Combatants with a dedicated melee weapon, such as Wretches with their Arc Spears, inflict Elemental damage through it, while most non-dedicated melee fighters inflict Kinetic damage.

Almost all giant Ultra enemies have a powerful melee attack, colloquially known as an Ultra Smash, though its actual name varies. This attack is usually telegraphed through a roar or other loud sound and the combatant rearing up to strike the ground. This is a very dangerous attack, with high damage and high knockback, which combined can kill players by having them slam into objects or flinging them off the battlefield. Ultra Smashes usually inflict Kinetic damage, but can have other effects, such as leaving a damaging Solar field on the ground.


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