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Rience was a Risen Warlord who came into conflict with the Iron Lords during their efforts to end Warlord rule over humanity's survivors.


During Rience's rise to power he established his throne in an old crumbling castle that lay on the west end of a deep valley. He repaired the castle's walls with sheets of metal and glass while also defending it with motion sensing turrets above the castle gates. Other Risen entered into Rience's service, including Melig, and he eventually drew the attention of the Iron Lords. He met with Lord Radegast and Lady Perun within his castle and agreed to one-on-one combat between one his champions and one of theirs, whom he believed would be Lady Jolder.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

According to Perun, Rience believed bigger was better, and speculated he would send Melig to fight the smaller Jolder. She also stated that he was prone to cheating if he felt he was backed into a corner and had nothing to lose, and suggested he was ruthless enough to possibly target Jolder's Ghost.[1]

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