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"When a Guardian's prowess in the field in required, bounties are posted here."
— In-game Description
Xander 99-40
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Xander 99-40 is a Frame that gives Bounties to Guardians in the Tower. He gives six Crucible and six Vanguard Bounties each day. When a Guardian has obtained a Vanguard Mentor Missive from turning in Bounties, Xandar can give the Guardian an option of picking up an Exotic Bounty from a selection of one to three.


  • "Acknowledged."
  • "All Guardians are instructed not to engage with the Dreadnaught at this time."
  • "At your service, Guardian."
  • "Bounty claimed, unnamed Baron, Cosmodrome."
  • "Bounty posted, any sightings of the Reef Queen?"
  • "Bounty posted for retrieval of Reef fleet wreckage."
  • "Checking for bounties."
  • "Checking for bounties, Guardian?"
  • "Closed bounty for Skiff Fenrir, target unclaimed."
  • "Closed bounty on Psion major, Exclusion Zone."
  • "Closed bounty on Sand Eater Phalanx, Buried City."
  • "Closed mission, House Kings listening post, Olympus Mons."
  • "Closed mission, Sand Eater relay, Tharsis."
  • "Closed retrieval mission, Gulf of Mexico."
  • "Confirmed."
  • "Exchange complete."
  • "Goodbye."
  • "Goodbye, Guardian."
  • "I am authorised to transmit bounties, Guardian."
  • "I'm authorized to award bounties, Guardian."
  • "Personnel losses unacceptable, mission closed."
  • "Re-upping bounty, Taken infestation, New York crater."
  • "Retrieval mission, Manhattan nuclear zone."
  • "Standing bounty for intelligence on Oryx."
  • "Standing bounty for sightings of Crota."
  • "Standing bounty for sightings of Oryx."
  • "Standing by to resume."
  • "Suspended bounty, Rasputin, no claimers."
  • "Transaction complete."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Yes, Guardian?"
  • "Unclaimed bounty, one-horned Devils Captain."
  • "Unclaimed bounty, Gulf of Mexico."
  • "Updating bounties."
  • "Updating logs."


  • He is voiced by Dominic Keating.
  • Xander was reassigned to dealing with Bounties after an incident with some powerful cleaning supplies. As Ghost puts it, "You burn through deck plating once and they take away your mopping privileges."

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