The Emperor's Envy

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The Emperor's Envy
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Production overview

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Fusion Rifle

Min-max impact:


Min-max stability:


Min-max handling:


Min-max magazine:



Effective range:


Service history

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"The son's ambition will be his undoing"
— In-game description

The Emperor's Envy is a Legendary Fusion Rifle introduced in Warmind. It can be obtained in the Spire of Stars raid lair.[1]


Intrinsic properties[edit]

  • Precision Frame: This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.


  • Projection Fuse: Distance optimizations. • Increases range
  • Liquid Coils: Slower-building charge for higher damage. • Increases impact damage • Slower charge time
  • Ionized Batter: Large heavy battery. • Greatly increases magazine size • Greatly decreases reload speed

Choosable traits[edit]

  • Moving Target: Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights.
  • Ambitious Assassin: Overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before reloading.


  • Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.


Calus. That conniving coward, spawn of a war beast. Betrayal was not Ghaul's gravest sin against our former emperor. Calus may proclaim otherwise, but what he truly loathed was Ghaul's ambition. Of Calus's vices—of which there are plenty—envy is his greatest. The Red Legion came to this wretched system to claim the Traveler, and it was within our grasp. We did it not for personal pride, but for the collective glory of our people—for Torobatl. If Calus possessed an iota of dignity, he would have helped Ghaul against the Guardians instead of gallivanting around the system. This was his moment to redeem himself. Instead, he proved himself the traitor we knew him to be. No more. I will take the Leviathan for the Red Legion. The great machine is a weapon of the Cabal, and if Calus holds no allegiance to his people, then he is not worthy to wield it.

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