Combustor Valus

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Combustor Valus
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Biographical information




Red Legion




Blood Guard Incendior



Combat information


WANTED: Combustor Valus


Cabal Magma Launcher


Magma Burn Effect
Magma Malfunction
Compression Blast
Burn Dome Shield
Void Energy Shield
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Cabal
Cabal Melee


"Ah, yes, Osiris knew you would be coming."
Brother Vance

The Combustor Valus is a Cabal Blood Guard Incendior encountered on Mercury where they lurk in the Pariah's Refuge. Their Bounty can be picked up from The Spider as a part of a weekly interval. Unlike a lot of his Red legion brethren, The Combustor Valus would be successful in securing a Lost Sector for himself and his forces, yet they would still fall to the Guardian regardless.


The Combustor Valus and some of their allies, more likely two Slug Rifle wielding Phalanxes, will be in the middle of the arena lurking within a Cabal Dome Shield. Within the Dome Shield is a burning area-of-denial which can quickly sunder health. A way to alleviate this is to kill Honored Incendiors which roam the arena and Dome Shield. Once killed, the Honored Incendior will drop a Shield buff which provides an extremely resilient overshield. The encounter will end with the Valus's demise.


  • The Combustor Valus is one of few known members of the Blood Guard to possess a Cabal rank. This infers either the title is self proclaimed, or that Blood Guard can also second as commisioned officers outside of the Guard.

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