Armor of the Emperor's Agent

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Armor of the Emperor's Agent


Armor of the Emperor's Agent





Defense rating:






Benedict 99-40


Armor of the Emperor's Agent is a Legendary Hunter armor acquired in the prestige version Leviathan raid.

Mask of the Emperor's Agent[edit]


"The next time we meet."
Emperor Calus

I often think of what it would be like to see you again—how you might look and what you might say. I imagine different scenarios where you walk around a corner and there I am, magnificent and in control. I don't see you at first, and you hesitate. Is this a confrontation you want to have?

Of course, your curiosity gets the better of you. Our eyes meet. Neither of us say anything, because we both know what's at stake. This could be the end of an empire.

Gloves of the Emperor's Agent[edit]


"You left me with nothing, but now I have everything."
— Emperor Calus

When you left me on the Leviathan, you left me with nothing. I hope you understand things are different now. I've been tested, and I have emerged from the other side.

You always spoke of how adversity shaped the person you are, how it made you stronger. I see the truth of that now in a way that before I never could. I want you to see what I have learned. I want you to see what adversity has allowed me to become.

Vest of the Emperor's Agent[edit]


"You don't realize that I'm all around you."
— Emperor Calus

I know that you have gone to the Sol system. I'm writing because I will be there soon as well. Perhaps a reunion is in order?

My agents have left ahead of me to prepare for my arrival. I like to establish good relationships with the locals. I know it may surprise you, but one of the ways in which I have grown is my attitude towards the lesser species. I've come to believe that there is a place for all creatures in my empire. The end will be so much more interesting if we face it together.

Boots of the Emperor's Agent[edit]


"You're a difficult one to find."
— Emperor Calus

You've gone to great lengths to hide your movements. I know, because I've been tracking you, not out of any kind of obsession; I just need to know what you're doing. It might affect my plans.

But I'm curious to know—are you hiding because of me? Is there some reason you don't want me to see you? I'm not upset about it, but you should know—I'm not hiding from you. If you want to understand what I'm doing, you need but look.

Cloak of the Emperor's Agent[edit]


"My gift to the Hunter with Ghaul's cunning."
— Emperor Calus

Ghaul was a masterful conspirator. He spent his whole life dedicated to a higher purpose. Few survive the gladiator pits. Even fewer rise to the rank of Primus. It is remarkable that a discarded runt managed to do both, all the while living a double life.

It was only at the very end that I even began to suspect him. He possessed an absolute, single-minded dedication to his life of deceit. I see the same cunning in you, my dear Hunter.

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