Armor of the Emperor's Minister

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Armor of the Emperor's Minister


Armor of the Emperor's Minister





Defense rating:






Benedict 99-40


Armor of the Emperor's Minister is a Legendary Warlock armor acquired in the prestige version Leviathan raid.

Headpiece of the Emperor's Minister[edit]


"Are you just a phantom in a mirror?"
Emperor Calus

Sometimes I stare into the abyss of space, plagued by a terrible fear. In this waking nightmare, everything you said to me and everything you felt for me was a lie.

But what was the nature of these lies? Were they manipulations wrought by ambition? Were they hateful machinations of vengeance? Or, worst of all, were they self-delusions? Did I merely ascribe to you words and feelings that were, in fact, my own?

Wraps of the Emperor's Minister[edit]


"There is nothing I cannot forgive."
— Emperor Calus

I think perhaps I am finally ready to forgive you. There's no point in carrying around this hate forever. I think about who you were, and who I was, and the end seems inevitable. How can I blame you for the poisonous ambition that the Consul poured into your ear? You were merely his instrument.

In the end, it has all been for the better, has it not? Your betrayal is the first chapter in the story of my ascension.

Robes of the Emperor's Minister[edit]


"Repentance has its rewards."
— Emperor Calus

I think it is only fair to warn you—I mean to reincorporate the Red Legion. I am their rightful emperor, and I shall offer them forgiveness. All they must do is repent and submit to their reeducation.

I feel like it's only fair to make you the same offer. How does "Primus of the Red Legion" sound?

Boots of the Emperor's Minister[edit]


"It's all for the sake of appearances."
— Emperor Calus

Your reassimiliation into the empires is likely to be cause for concern. You'll understand that it will come with some preconditions. After all, we can't have it appear that I've played favorites. But there's no cause for alarm; your reeducation is merely a formality.

While I may forgive you, the rest of the empire will need some time. It's important to show the people how you have changed. It won't be forever, just however long it takes to earn your place at my side once more.

Bond of the Emperor's Minister[edit]


"For the Warlock possessed of Ghaul's wisdom."
— Emperor Calus

Ghaul once served at my right hand. His even temper and disciplined mind proved a useful foil to my passion and force of will. And so, I leaned on him for all of my important decisions. It always felt good to talk through my ideas. He had a way of reflecting them back to me sharper and clearer.

I see the same wisdom in you, my dear Warlock. Perhaps—when the time is right—we might discuss my ideas.

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