Empress Caiatl

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Empress Caiatl
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Heir Apparent
Her Royal Tuskiness







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Cabal Empire
Imperial Cabal
Red Legion



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Daughter of former Emperor Calus
Co-conspirator of the Midnight Coup

Empress Caiatl
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Biographical information

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Heir Apparent







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Political and military information


Cabal Empire
Imperial Cabal
Red Legion
Emperor Calus (Formerly)


Cabal Heir (Princess)

Notable info:

Daughter of former Emperor Calus
Co-conspirator of the Midnight Coup
Confidant to Umun'arath

"Our future will not look the same as our past. With your trust, I will usher us into a new age, and I will not default on my promises, as my father did before me."
— Caiatl

Empress Caiatl, formerly known as the Princess-Imperial, is the current Empress of the Cabal Empire and daughter of the former, exiled Emperor Calus.

She and a group of others staged a coup to overthrow her father and later succeeded Dominus Ghaul as leader of the Empire following his death during the Red War. After the Sol System was invaded by the Black Fleet, Caiatl sought to bring humanity into the Cabal Empire as subjects to aid in her war against the Darkness and Hive.


Warrior Princess[edit]

"I will challenge Irkyn La to a battle and defeat her. Then my people will own everything in the universe."
"Yes, I think you would. But the empire has already defeated the Tiiarn. None of them are left. And with no one to believe in her, Irkyn La is dead as well."
"Then I will believe in her.
— A young Caiatl and Ahztja discussing the creation myth of the Tiiarn

As the daughter of Emperor Calus, Caiatl grew up surrounded by his decadence and extravagant pleasures. As her father was often busy in either his pleasures or depression, Caiatl spent much time in the company the mythkeeper Ahztja, who she had tell her stories of the worlds the Cabal Empire had conquered. One night she asked her to tell her a story of how another species claimed the universe was created. Ahztja told her of the Tiiarn how they believed Irkyn La, the First Host had thought herself into existence and then brought order to the chaos of the cosmos. Caiatl questioned where Irkyn La lived and Ahztja explained that the Tiiarn claimed she was woven into the very fabric of the universe and that the sky was her mouth. Contemplating this for a moment, Caiatl resolved to challenge Irkyn La to battle so that once she was defeated the Cabal would have claim over the entire universe. Her amused caretaker noted that the Cabal had already conquered and brought the Tiiarn to extinction, and that no one believed in Irkyn La any longer. Caiatl decided that she would believe in her so that she could be fought, amusing Ahztja further, who declared that she was so mighty a warrior she would wish her enemies into existence.[3]

When Caiatl grew older she eventually became disgusted by her father's revelries and instead found a friend and mentor in Evocate-General Umun'arath, the Primus of All Legions. She played games of war and conquest with the general to learn strategy and soon embraced the military lifestyle, wearing pressure armor at all times, even on the capital of Torobatl.[4] Caiatl soon fell in love with flying and began training as a pilot. During one training session Umun'arath had her fly a simulation through the swampy world of Aark, which had been conquered by the Hive. She was fascinated by the alien landscape, and her distraction cost her when a simulation of a massive Wizard destroyed her fighter craft. The simulator mimicked death as part of the learning process and Caiatl emerged from it shaken and with a tremor in her arm. Umun'arath criticized her for being distracted and dismissed her as being weak and coddled by her upbringing, but Caiatl insisted she would not fail again. Her mentor disagreed, informing her that failure would teach her how to live and ordered her to run the simulation again.[5]

Eventually, Caiatl graduated from her training and became a pilot in the legions. While scouting the frontier of the Cabal Empire she saw numerous threats to its security which she did not believe Calus would be able to handle. Meeting with Umun'arath, who shared the same concerns about the exterior threats faced by the Empire, the two warriors made plans on how to deal with the situation.[4]

The Midnight Coup[edit]

"Father, I will not be weak."
— Caiatl to Calus during the Midnight Coup

Caiatl and Umun'arath soon joined a conspiracy led by Primus Ghaul of the Red Legion and the exiled Consul to overthrow Calus and end his negligent rule of the Empire. Knowing Calus' closest secrets, Caiatl was a key player in the Midnight Coup, securing the throne room and the bone he kept there as part of a special arrangement that helped secure his throne. As her father rushed into the throne room to utilize the bone in the midst of the coup, Caiatl greeted him and vowed never to be weak before crushing the bone, ending his chances of stopping the coup.[4] Calus' popularity with the common people prevented the plotters from executing him, and he was instead imprisoned aboard The Leviathan and exiled to the edge of the galaxy along with his Loyalists by the ascended Dominus Ghaul.[6]

Many years later, Caiatl sensed an assassin watching her. The assassin spoke and informed her they brought Calus's regards. Turning to face the assassin, Caiatl did not recognize their species but noted their pressure suit was styled with Calus's colors. She told the assassin her father could keep his regards, but they responded that the Emperor also had a message. Before they could relay it Caiatl charged them as they fired a void weapon that tore into her bicep. Ignoring the pain, Caiatl knocked the assassin to the ground and grabbed them by the throat and inquired about the message. The assassin stated that she was nothing more than a child playing general and lacked the vision of her father and the drive of Dominus Ghaul. She was caught off-guard as the assassin plunged a knife into her side and finished the message by stating that she would not be remembered. Infuriated, she rolled away to remove the blade as the assassin leveled their weapon at her head. Caiatl quickly placed her palm over the weapon's muzzle and jerked it away as it fired, ripping a hole into her palm. With the assassin now unarmed, Caiatl grabbed them by the head and slammed it into the ground repeatedly until it cracked and blood began to pour from her foe's broken form. She questioned if her father was listening and warned him that she would come for him no matter how far he traveled. The assassin gasped out that his death would not stop the end from coming and that their gods had foreseen the end. Pondering those words, Caiatl crushed the assassins skull with a blow from her good hand and declared that their gods were dead.[7]

Rise of the Princess-Imperial[edit]

"The Red Legion will march again."
— Princess-Imperial Caiatl

Caiatl became the new ruler of the Cabal Empire after the demise of Dominus Ghaul during the Red War, though they she did not initially claim the title of Empress. While making preparations in her war room to lead her fellow Cabal into a new age, Caiatl contemplated her bitterness towards Calus and Ghaul in lieu of their failings. She blamed her father for delving their people in vice and luxury, and Ghaul for his obsession with the Traveler and its Light. However, she also credited Calus for instilling within her a active imagination due to all the stories and plays he had subjected her to as a child, and now Caiatl planned on utilizing that imagination to save the Cabal and forge a better future for her people. She intended for this new future to be of war and conquest of rival nations under her direction so that the Cabal would rule the galaxy once more.[8]

Standing in Caiatl's way of full control of the Cabal Empire was her father Calus, who had emerged from his exile shortly after Ghaul's death in the Sol System. She directed her own emissaries to eliminate one of her father's Shadow agents operating in the Human's solar system that was using The Fourth Horseman, an infamous Cabal killer, to eliminate remaining Red Legion personnel.[9]

To aid in her ambitions, Caiatl began attempting to rally the remnants of the Red Legion back to her side and exhorted all loyal Cabal across the Sol System to prove themselves by capturing Calus. Although the remnants of the Red Legion on Earth, Nessus, and the Reef responded to her call and offered tribute, they could not comply with her orders, as following the arrival of the Black Fleet to that system, the Leviathan disappeared without a trace.[10] She dispatched emissaries and scouts to the system, however, they began to report abandoned Red Legion camps with signs of internal conflicts.[11] Additionally, a mysterious disease of Hive origin began to spread amongst the fringes of the Cabal empire.[12]

Fall of Torobatl[edit]

"Our people are not meant to flee our battles. But neither are we the Hive, throwing ourselves on the blade again and again. There is strength in tactical retreat."
— Caiatl, informing her war council of her decision to retreat from Torobatl

As the de facto ruler of the Cabal following the death of Dominus Ghaul, Caiatl presided over the Cabal Empire from the royal palace on Torobatl. When one of her generals came to her complaining of a horrendous stench coming from Umun'arath's quarters. Concerned, Caiatl visited her mentor's room and discovered it stank of death and poison. Instead of the neat and tidy war room of the Cabal's military leader she found the tables covered in papers and tomes which she did not recognize, and saw to her horror in the corner was a Hive Thrall chained to the wall. She questioned Umun'arath on what she was doing, noticing that the tome the general was currently reading was bound in flesh, and was disturbed as she explained that she saw the future of the Cabal in the ways of the Hive and their lack of fear towards death. Caiatl reminded Umun'arath that it was she who had taught Caiatl about how the bravery to defy death was what made soldiers. Her mentor dismissed that, and now proclaimed that with the rapidly deteriorating state of the galaxy they must embrace new ways and new gods to survive. After a long silence, Caiatl came to a decision and ordered Umun'arath to step down from her council.[13]

Some time later, Caiatl was alerted by Advisor Taurun that Umun'arath had been apprehended in the central square of Torobatl's weaponsmith district, in the midst of conducting what appeared to be a Hive ritual. Caiatl arrived on the scene to confront the disgraced Evocate-General and was disturbed to find her nearly naked with glyphs carved into her skin and a sickly green fire burning behind her. Dismissing the guards, Caiatl demanded to know what new god her former mentor was rambling about greeting. Umun'arath stated it was the the god of war, causing the ground to begin rumbling. Caiatl declared that her obsession had turned her into a threat to Cabal society and began to pronounce her sentence, but Umun'arath then raised her hands, which glowed with energy and made the fire burn brighter while a stranger chattering began. Concerned, Caiatl drew her ceremonial blade and drove it into Umun'arath's gut, seeking to halt the ritual, but the corrupted general only laughed. Disgusted, Caiatl kicked Umun'arath off her blade and into the fire, inadvertently completing the ritual and summoning Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War, and her army to Torobatl through a massive portal.[14]

A battle began to defend the Cabal homeworld, but the endless army of Hive ground down the Cabal's military. The capital city was quickly overtaken by Cryptoliths which emerged throughout its streets. Caiatl took to the skies in her starfighter to defend the world, but found that while every missile she fired destroyed one set of foes, they were soon replaced, and she was eventually shot down. Wounded and with her combat suit leaking gel, Caiatl reflected on her role in the invasion, reflecting that even if she had been unwitting it was still her blade that completed the ritual Umun'arath set in motion. Xivu Arath then spoke, declaring that the Cabal had long worshipped war and thus her, and that she had finally come to claim her tribute.[15]

Caiatl withdrew to her flagship, the Eligos Lex V, and met with her council of advisors. Taurun reported that the Hive's War moons were too powerful and overwhelming their defenses. As Ca'aurg and Tha'arec began arguing over the role Emperor Calus and Dominus Ghaul had played in weakening their society and defenses, Caiatl interrupted before a fight commenced. She noted that her father had built a mythology around himself and what the Cabal could be while taking only half-steps towards his goals, while Ghaul imagined slights and sought to use the Legion as a tool to entrench his own legacy. Declaring herself to be like neither of them, Caiatl stated that Umun'arath had misled them as well and that they could not be the Hive and throw themselves at their enemy without hope of victory. She decided they would evacuate the entire surviving population of Torobatl and undertake a tactical retreat to the Sol System to reclaim what remained of the Red Legion. Noting the worry and shame on her council's faces at the dishonor in retreat, Caiatl further declared that this was her first order as the new Empress of the Cabal Empire.[16]

Caiatl's coronation was held the next day as the Cabal fleet retreated from Torobatl.[16] Following her coronation, Caiatl addressed the entire Cabal fleet to address their concerns about the fall of their homeworld and their retreat, reassuring them that there was no shame in withdrawing to consolidate strength for future conflict. She urged them to remember that they found themselves in a war with the embodiment of war itself, and admitted that she now found conflict to be ugly and poisonous and that the Cabal must fight for a greater purpose than the fight itself. Caiatl declared they would fight for each other and the Empire and would do so with the remnants of the Red Legion in the Sol System. She vowed that she would lead the Cabal into a new age, one where she would fulfill promises that her father left incomplete. She began by announcing that all Psions were now free and full citizens of the Empire and any who wished to depart could do so and be granted a reasonable amount of supplies. Caiatl cautioned that those who remained would soon find themselves in another war, but that together they would build an army that fought for each other. She then ended her address by declaring that they would emerge victorious against the false gods of the Hive and would unite to draw strength from the past to forge a new united future for all Cabal.[17]

Clash of the Chosen[edit]

Aggressive Negotiations[edit]

"Join my empire. You'll keep your title and gain a seat on my war council. With my army and your Light, the Cabal will crush the Hive. Then... the Black Fleet. Bow."
— Empress Caiatl presents her offer to Commander Zavala

As the Cabal fleet traveled to the Sol System, Caiatl weighed what to do upon their arrival. Taurun entered her private quarters and informed her that the rest of the council was awaiting her word, Caiatl invited her advisor to sit with her and discuss their options. Noting that the Guardians of to the Sol System had slain Ghaul and many other powerful foes, including multiple Hive gods, with Xivu Arath's brother Oryx among them, Caiatl and Taurun wondered if the cost of continued war against humanity was too high when they needed all their resources to strike back against the Hive. She asked Taurun if war was needed to reclaim the Red Legion, and her advisor carefully asked if Caiatl did not believe they would win. Careful not to show weakness to her advisor, Caiatl stated that they would but only after a long war with many casualties that would leave them even more vulnerable to Xivu Arath. Instead, she suggested that the open negotiations with the Guardians, although she disliked doing so and knew that many of her advisors would also protest. Taurun advised that she would need to make a concession to the rest of the council to maintain their support after the retreat from Torobatl. Stressed and understanding that her position limited her options, Caiatl decided that she would need to demand the Guardians kneel before her, although she was resigned to the fact that they would most likely reject her offer immediately.[18]

Caiatl meets with Zavala and Osiris.

Upon arriving in the Sol System, Caiatl extended an invitation to the Last City to secure an alliance against the Hive. Caiatl arranged a meeting with the Guardians where she parlayed with the Vanguard Commander Zavala and Osiris. As the meeting began, Caiatl admitted that the Cabal had a word for peace, which was not used often or lightly, and that they should take that as indicating her offer was sincere. Zavala was skeptical, but Caiatl argued that with the Darkness in their system and the Hive serving them, humanity would fall to one or the other just as Torobatl had. The Commander offered his sympathy for her loss, but Caiatl noted that they had all suffered against the Darkness and its forces. As she proposed her alliance, the Warlock Osiris interjected and noted that she had betrayed her father to Ghaul and that she could not be trusted. Caiatl dismissed her father as soft, but Osiris noted he only lacked ambition. She accused him of the same, declaring that humanity would not survive without expanding its horizons before officially offering them to join the Cabal Empire and that Zavala would keep his title and join her War Council to defeat the Hive and Black Fleet. However, to appease the rest of her advisors Caiatl demanded that they bow, a stipulation that Zavala rejected. As her bodyguards prepared to attack the two, Caiatl signaled for them to stand down. Understanding the rejection, Caiatl stated that she would sharpen her blade and meet them on the battlefield.[19]

The Vanguard began using Caiatl's own embrace of ancient traditions against her, challenging the potential members of her War Council to the Rite of Proving and slaying them. After Commander Dracus, Basilius the Golem, and Val Ma'rag were slain Caiatl requested another meeting with Osiris. The former Warlock kept her waiting and then mocked her by stating he had been managing the antics of her commanders. She informed him those "antics" were time-honored traditions that the Guardians had no right to interfere with and reiterated her offer to have Zavala join her council. Noting that Osiris seemed wise, Caiatl suggested that he knew the best victories were those won without a war and that her offer was a way out of one for humanity. Osiris was impressed by her offer of mercy and how it separated her from previous Cabal leaders, but turned down the offer once more and noted she leaned on tradition out of desperation and did not truly have a united Cabal Empire behind her any longer. Caiatl insisted that the Cabal had only lost their home and not their honor and vowed that if it came to war they would take much of humanity and their other foes with them before dying. She ended the conversation by asking Osiris to inform Zavala that her patience was quickly running out.[20]

In addition to her efforts to convince Osiris, Caiatl sent a private message to Zavala without the knowledge of her advisors. She told him that as a child she had believed rulers held absolute power to conquer and kill, but now understood that ruling was a form of servitude to ones people. Caiatl explained that she was beholden to the will of her people and that after the loss of Torobatl she could not retreat from the Sol System empty-handed in order to preserve their honor. Going into greater detail on her offer, Caiatl revealed that she saw the Guardians becoming the elite force of the Cabal Empire and promised that humanity would be free citizens just as the Psions now were. She asked once more for Zavala to reconsider and join the Cabal to gain revenge upon the Hive to ensure all of their survival against the Darkness.[21]

The Final Rite[edit]

"There's something more important than victory at stake here. We will honor tradition. We will accept the Rite of Proving. And we will win or lose it as Cabal."
— Caiatl, discussing the Vanguard's challenge with Advisor Taurun

After several more weeks of losses to the Vanguard and tensions rising as members of both sides pushed for open war, Caiatl was contacted by Zavala, who issued a challenge for one final Rite of Proving, with each side selecting a champion and the winner setting the terms of their treaty. She agreed to the challenge and declared that if the Cabal's chosen champion emerged victorious then Nessus would be ceded to the Cabal, humanity would support her claim to the throne of the empire, and Zavala would join her War Council as a Bracus and serve as a hostage to ensure the cooperation of humanity. However, should the Cabal lose the Rite, then she would cease all hostilities against humanity immediately and withdraw Cabal forces from Earth.[22]

Caiatl was pleased by Zavala's offer, which she considered clever and a way for both sides to avoid wearing themselves out before fighting the Darkness. As she considered who to select as the Cabal's Chosen champion, she reflected that her choice had to honor tradition to hold the Cabal together. She informed Taurun that she would select Ignovun, but her advisor cautioned that not all of her supporters would accept that choice or her agreeing to the Rite of Proving. Caiatl noted that Taurun had encouraged her to embrace tradition and thought she would have been pleased by her decision. Taurun warned that some warriors believed that Caiatl was denying them glory through a full-scale war and sought to follow in the footsteps of Ixel, the Far-Reaching in their quest for infamy. Disgusted by their lack of foresight, Caiatl reminded her that they must conserve their strength for the Hive. She was angered by Taurun stating that she was seemingly valuing conclusion over victory and declared that their honor was at stake and more important than victory, and that they would win or lose the Rite as Cabal.[23]

With Ignovun awaiting his challengers in the heart of the sacred Imperial Land Tank Halphas Electus, Caiatl hoped to wear down the challenging Guardians before they reached her Chosen champion. As three Guardians stormed the tank, Zavala issued the formal challenge to Caiatl and she accepted with a wish that their shared bloodletting would lead to unity. She warned the Guardians that they would not have safe passage through the Halphas Electus, which she claimed hungered for battle and questioned if they felt the same. Encouraging them to surrender, Caiatl promised to be merciful in their shame, but Zavala accused her of provoking the conflict that they would now end. Zavala questioned why she placed warriors between their Chosen combatants and wasted their lives, and Caiatl explained that they had sworn themselves to the Rite and were free to spend their lives as they saw fit. She was angered when the Guardians began sabotaging systems aboard the tank en route to Ignovun, warning that her warriors would defend the Halphas Electus as if its oil was blood. As the Guardians approached the ritual arena, Caiatl questioned if they enjoyed the act of killing and ritual combat. Zavala told her they would do what it took to secure the peace and offered mercy. Despite a fierce battle, Ignovun fell to the Vanguard's Chosen champions and Caiatl declared that she would honor their agreement while making arrangements for a meeting to finalize the treaty.[24]

Ending the War[edit]

"We are one Cabal, and we strike as one fist."
— Caiatl addressing the assassination attempt

Accompanied by two Blood Guards and the Psion attendant Valir, Caiatl met with Zavala on the surface of Nessus to ritually conclude their agreement. Valir handed her a ritual blade with which she cut her palm while declaring that their blood would be the last spilled in the conflict between humanity and the Cabal Empire and the ground upon which they stood would become hallowed. She handed Valir the blade back to present to Zavala, but as the Psion approached him the Guardian's Ghost Targe was suddenly disabled by a sniper with Light-draining tech. Caiatl was shocked by this ambush, and Zavala's bodyguard Crow barely saved him as Valir attempted to slay the Commander. With Crow injured and Zavala Lightless, Caiatl charged Valir and prevented him from finishing Zavala, lifting him into the air before slamming him back into the ground and ending his life. Swearing to Zavala that she did not order his assassination, she commanded one of her Blood Guards to hunt down the sniper and bring them to her for interrogation to discover who was behind the conspiracy before watching as Crow disabled the Light-draining tech and restored Zavala's Light to him.[24] Despite this incident, the treaty was concluded and Caiatl declared that any Cabal who maintained conflict against humanity were criminals in the eyes of the Empire and would be left to the Vanguard's justice.[25]

The other conspirator was caught and brought before Caiatl, and was revealed to be another Psion, Qalec. With the traitor before her, Caiatl broadcast another message to the Cabal Empire and declared that by adhering to the Rite of Proving they chose strength and honor over seeking personal glory. She denounced the Psion's attack on Zavala and condemned them for pursuing their own honor before the good of the Empire. Stating that Valir had at least faced death with honor, Qalec was a coward who ran rather than face consequences for his actions. Declaring him a stain on the history of the Cabal and revoking his name for his cowardice and treason, Caiatl executed the traitor. Vowing to find the remaining conspirators and deliver the same fate upon them, Caiatl stated they were one Cabal and would strike only as one fist.[26]

Alliance with Zavala[edit]

Several weeks after the treaty between the Cabal and humanity was established, Caiatl learned of political trouble in the Last City after her fleet intercepted broadcasts from Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult, who was stirring discontent against the Vanguard after they allowed the Eliksni House of Light to settle into the city. The fleet also detected a Vex anomaly known as the Endless Night afflicting the Last City. Caiatl contacted Zavala to discuss the issue, but the Commander was suspicious of her concern. Caiatl claimed not to be concerned and noted that if the Vanguard were destroyed she needed to be aware. Zavala retorted that they were still there, but Caiatl responded that was true for now. The Titan responded with an edge in his voice demanding to know why Caiatl was really calling. After a few moments of silence, Caiatl dropped her imperial tone and told Zavala that he was a proud hawk with a nest of vipers surrounding him and worried he might find a knife in his back soon. Zavala noted she had past experience with such issues, a fact she freely acknowledged while cautioning him that although Lakshmi was a politician her words of division were diminishing the Vanguard's authority and swaying minds against them. Caiatl worried that if he fell she could not trust whoever replaced him to honor their armistice. The Commander angrily stated that this was not the first challenge he faced and warned the Empress not to let her guilt for betraying her father delude her perception of the situation. Caiatl admired Zavala's fierce reply and admitted that she did not feel guilt for deposing Calus, but for allowing Ghaul to corrupt her people and set the stage for Xivu Arath's invasion. All she wished was to not see a fellow warrior she admired fall prey to the same trap, but noted he might not wish for her counsel. After a moment, Zavala inquired what she might advise. The Empress told him that Umun'arath had been her most trusted advisor and that the Darkness acted through many hands that he needed to recognize before it found his throat.[27]

On Savathûn and the Awoken[edit]

After the conclusion of the limited war against the City, Caiatl's advisors repeatedly urged her to launch a full-scale invasion of the Reef, believing its still-weakened state would result in a morale-restoring decisive Cabal victory.[28] However, Caiatl respected the Awoken, whose legends she had heard from the mythkeeper Ahztja while she was still a princess, and was reluctant to do harm to them.[29] As well, on the strategic level, she considered such warmongering a distraction from their struggle against Xivu Arath, whose forces remained a persistent threat even in the Sol system, and had to be engaged wherever they emerged. Caiatl's efforts, such as personally leading a fleet ambush and boarding action against one of Xivu Arath's Tomb Carriers, occupied enough of the Hive war god's attention and vice versa that Queen Mara Sov of the Reef believed neither would risk overextending themselves by attacking the Dreaming City in force. [28]

Nonetheless, when Caiatl learned that Savathûn, the Witch Queen, had revealed herself in the Dreaming City, she gathered her advisors and drew plans for just such an attack in order to destroy Savathûn while she was still vulnerable. Further intelligence from Lord Saladin (liaising on behalf of the Vanguard) and Psion agents relayed that Savathûn was a willing captive of Mara Sov, but Caiatl, aware of Savathûn's reputation for cunning and uncertain that Mara could outplay her, continued to weigh the decision to invade.[29]

Ultimately, Caiatl placed her trust in Commander Zavala, and sent Saladin back to him with a request for a secure meeting in the EDZ.[29] To this meeting, she sent a Psion volunteer briefed on her dilemma and a Legionary to record Zavala's response. After Zavala arrived, the Psion gave him a vision of the Cabal obliterating the Dreaming City with planet-crackers, killing Savathûn at the cost of countless Awoken (including Mara Sov and Petra Venj), and almost certainly leading the Reef to go to war with the Cabal. Zavala and Caiatl would bear sole responsibility for an atrocity in exchange for the final death of the Hive god of trickery and all her ambitions. [30]

Zavala's response was "No." To maintain secrecy, Caiatl's Psion committed suicide so that only Zavala and Caiatl would know what had been discussed, and the Legionary, who only knew that Zavala had said "no" to something, departed to inform Caiatl.[30]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Despite Caiatl's royal status, she did not share her father's appreciation for luxury. She instead embraced a militant lifestyle, which eventually led to her turning on her father and aiding Dominus Ghaul's rise to power.[4] However, she came to later view Ghaul with disgust and embarrassment as well due to his obsession with the Traveler and claiming the Light, viewing him as another weak ruler whose failings necessitated her rise to Empress to save the Cabal Empire from ruin.[8]

One of the few things that Caiatl did enjoy was flying, and she became a highly capable pilot to facilitate this love.[4]

In her debut in Season of the Chosen, Caiatl was shown to be an honorable and pragmatic figure compared to the Cabal foes faced by the Last City in the past. Knowing the power of the Guardians, she sought an alliance with humanity for their aid rather than risk massive casualties in a war against them. She makes it a point to preserve Cabal traditions and relics of their culture after the tremendous losses they have sustained in recent years in order to preserve the morale of her troops. However, this has also led to her making gestures to the Cabal’s legacy as conquerors in order to not appear as weak to her people, such as demanding that the Guardians bow as opposed to negotiating with them as equals.



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