Caiatl, the Princess-Imperial

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Caiatl, the Princess-Imperial
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"Father, I will not be weak."
— Caiatl

Caiatl, the Princess-Imperial is the daughter of the former Cabal Emperor Calus. She and a group of others staged a coup to overthrow Calus, only to succeed Dominus Ghaul as leader of the Empire following his death at the Red War.


Caiatl grew up liking war games and wearing armor and was close friends with Umun'arath. She was a star pilot in the military, and Calus was proud of her, and hoping that she would lead the Cabal to victory. However, she felt utter contempt and disgust for his life style such as valuing zoos and plays over warfare, During the coup, she told Calus that she "would not be weak".

Two years after the Red Legion's defeat on Earth and Ghaul's death, Caiatl directed her own agents to eliminate one of the Shadows of Calus operating in the Human's solar system that was using The Fourth Horseman to kill remaining Red Legion personnel.[1]

She stood in her war room making preparations to lead her fellow Cabal into a new age. While she contemplated the bitterness towards two individuals, one is her father, blaming him for his failure to their people in delving in vice and luxury, and Ghaul for his obsession with the Traveler, she now imagines a new future of war and conquest of the Galaxy and they rule it once more, and implying that the Red Legion will return.[2]

As of The Season of the Hunt, she has been attempting to rally the remains of the Red Legion back to her and the Empire. For them to return to her "bosom". Her blue emissaries and scouts she sent, however, began to report the conflicts surrounding the Cryptolith's which prompted Caiatl to enact a weary investigation.

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