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Guhrn Or'ohk
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Member of Empress Caiatl's War Council
Challenged Saladin Forge to a Rite of Proving


"He walks our halls, trains our soldiers, and shares our meals as if he is Cabal. That slights. He is not Cabal. I'm not the only one to say so."
— Guhrn Or'ohk in regards to Saladin Forge, before their Rite of Proving

Valus Guhrn Or'ohk was a commander serving under Empress Caiatl who was assigned to liaison with Lord Saladin Forge following the armistice between the Imperial Cabal and the Vanguard. He would later go on to challenge him in the Rite of Proving when the Iron Lord was appointed to the War Council as a Bracus.


Beginning of the alliance[edit]

Several months after the armistice was signed between the Cabal and Humanity, Or'ohk went to greet Saladin Forge as he boarded his ship. As he approached the Titan, Or'ohk called the commander bold for coming alone and took off his helmet to get a better look at the Guardian. Saladin closed the distance between the two and corrected his title as Iron Lord. Narrowing his eyes and repeating the title, Or'ohk repeated his statement about the Titan being bold, however the Iron Lord closed within arm's reach of the Valus and told him he had no interest in flattery or formality and demanded how they would handle this. Impressed by Saladin, Or'ohk laughed in appreciation and dropped into a normal speaking voice while asking him to come to his war room. He wished to show Saladin the movements of Hive ships that the Cabal were tracking near the Martian anomaly, while the Iron Lord reported that he had news of his own regarding Xivu Arath, God of War, and the Dreaming City to share.[1]

Discussing Yirix[edit]

At some point after the beginning of the Cabal and Humanity's campaign against Savathûn's Lucent Hive, Lord Saladin would once again meet the Or'ohk aboard his ship to rebuke him for his failure to deal with the leader of the Psion Conclave, Yirix. Demanding him to say why it was his fault, the Iron Lord stated that the Psion was under the Valus's command, whilst Zavala's assassin was the traitor's subordinate. Or'ohk was infuriated, believing he was being accused of treason, but Saladin denied it, telling him they would not discussing it if Empress Caiatl had suspected him of such. Guhrn laughed it off and told him to report his folly to the Vanguard, but warned that if threat of the Conclave was legitimate, then there was more at stake than they realized. He further elaborated that the only other person the Psions would pledge allegiance to—if not the Empress—would be the former emperor of the Cabal and father of Caiatl, Calus, meaning the rebels would be driven to recklessness if such was the case.[2]

Rite Proven[edit]

After the coalition's war with the Lucent Brood had come to an end, Saladin would take the fall for Crow after he had accidentally caused the death of Caiatl's emmisary, and was forced to serve the Cabal Empire as a Bracus. Or'ohk, believing that the newly-appointed Bracus should not have a place amongst Caiatl's War Council, challenged him in the Rite of Proving, to which the Iron Lord reluctantly agreed. When it came to their battle, Or'ohk would wield a cleaver against his opponent, who was armed with an Iron Battle Axe taken from the City, much to the Guardian's displeasure. Throughout the course of the fight, Saladin, not wanting to kill him, would attempt to make the Valus yield, who would instead violently slash at the him. After being dealt a blow to the throat with the blunt end of the Axe, Or'ohk was left momentarily staggered and gasping for air, but denied the Iron Lord's offer of mercy, laughing and slashing at him instead. He managed to slash at his opponent's head, splitting his helm and wounding the Titan, who then proceeded to dodge and parry the rest of the Cabal's swings and sever his hand, disarming him. Saladin demanded him to yield for the final time, but Or'ohk would once again reject, making a dive for his cleaver before his opponent caught him in the jaw with the his axe, ending the Valus's life. The now-victorious Iron Lord was then promoted to the rank of Valus, as per Cabal tradition.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

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