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Ha! Consider job done, Slip!

Groks is an independent Fallen bounty hunter who operated in the Sol System with a reputation for being proud and out only for himself.


"King Kell is gone, Kell-Maker. Dead at the hands of that insane Archon, Fikrul, and some Awoken vagabond he calls 'Father.'"
— Groks reveals the death of Craask to Variks

Groks was contacted by Variks, the Loyal and asked to track down the Kell of the House of Kings, Craask and take a message to him. He insulted the Warden of the Prison of Elders as a beggar and would be Kell-Maker, but eventually agreed to the job for four bales of Etheric Helix and promise to be kept out of the prison. With their deal struck, Groks mockingly revealed to Variks that the old Eliksni was out of the loop and that Craask had been murdered by the insane Archon Fikrul, the Fanatic and a mysterious Awoken man he called father with all that remained of the Kings were scattered bands hiding in Earth's dead zones. As Groks began to tell Variks about when he expected his payment to be delivered, the Warden abruptly ended their communication.[1]

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