The Silent Fang

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This article is about the story mission. For the Fallen group, see Silent Fang.

"Stop Skolas's elite assassins before they tear through the Cosmodrome."
— Mission description


A Kell Rising


The Ruling House

The Silent Fang
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House of Wolves expansion


1 - 3


Cosmodrome, Old Russia

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The Silent Fang is the second story mission in the House of Wolves expansion, that takes place in the Cosmodrome, Old Russia.[1]


  • Hunt The Silent Fang
  • Face The Silent Fang
  • Eliminate The Silent Fang


{Loading Screen}

  • Petra: Before I "earned" my post as the "Queen's Emissary," I served her in the Reef Wars. The Silent Fang are assassins, killers. Real charmers. During the war, they went after our commanders. They'll do the same to the House of Devils. Variks and I know all their tricks, though. We'll get 'em.


  • Petra: We think they're gathering at the Cosmodrome gates. Best we find them before they do what they do best. Watch your back.

The Guardian heads into The Breach.

  • Petra: In the war, I lead an attack on the Fang during the Cybele Uprising. We managed to kill or capture most of them. Only reason we won, I think.

The Guardian fights through waves of Fallen enemies, venturing further into The Breach until coming to a hallway lined with tripmines and traps.

  • Petra: Variks, why have the Devils deployed so many traps?
  • Variks: Devils can detect comm signals as well as we can. They... They know. The Wolves have their scent.

The Guardian either destroys or runs past the traps, approaching the exit of The Breach and the other side of The Wall, where their Ghost first found them at the beginning of the game.

Petra: The Fang probably helped Skolas escape, but rumor has it the Queen gave him to the Nine. How did the Fang get Skolas past... them?

The Guardian walks a little further.

Petra: We're detecting... yes, Wolf coms just beyond the wall. That has to be the Fang. Eyes up, Guardian.

Upon exiting The Wall, there is a large clearing to the right. Dregs, Vandals, and Captains are already there. Upon engaging and defeating them, Stealth Vandals, Servitors, Reaver Captains, and more Fallen reinforcements drop in. After defeating a few waves of enemies:

  • (Unidentified): [Fallen Chatter]
  • Variks: That was the leader of the Fang. He just called you a... well... it was an insult.

The Guardian finishes off the last waves of Fallen and the two Silent Fang Captains that dropped in.

  • Petra: Nice Work! You've denied Skolas the House of Devils, but there's another Fallen House on Earth. I'd be willing to bet he's going after the Kings next.

{Mission Ends}


Fallen - House of Devils and House of Wolves


  • In the mission, there are two House of Kings Vandals in The Breach, when facing the three Major Tracer Shanks. It is unknown if it was intentional or a developer oversight.
  • The three Tracer Shanks that were originally part of the Hunted Wolves Bounties that were later removed along with the other bounties and their enemies, are still in this mission, it is possibly a developer oversight.



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