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Vestian Outpost quotes[edit]

  • "What do you know...of the Nine, Guardian?"
  • "The Eliksni call you fierce killer, taker of great ships!"
  • "I took this staff long ago from Devil Captain Vajis, called Cle-ver-head-ed. He wasn't as clever as Variks."
  • "You look ready to fight today."
  • "Fallen, you call us. But we are Eliksni."
  • "For the House of Judgment!"
  • "You call us Fallen, an unflattering name."
  • "You call us the Fallen, but I am Variks of House Judgement."
  • "You are going back to Earth now? Will you tell the City about Variks, friend?"
  • "Tell me about your City, Guardian."
  • "Did you come here for secrets, or stories?"
  • "You all look the same sometimes, but your smell I know."
  • "Send me your ship. I need the parts."
  • "Are you going to your ship now? Where did you leave it? Is it in good condition?"
  • "My service to the Queen is… com-pli-cated, Guardian."
  • "We were great long ago… and strong, my House."
  • "I assure, what you're hearing of me are lies."
  • "Come below the Prison."
  • "I'll show you a good fight. Keep you strong and quick."
  • "Come here… come quiet."
  • "Are you fighting today?"
  • "Come, Killer of Wolves."
  • "I shall help you."
  • "Do you see how I help you?"
  • "I help you, help me?"
  • "You look ready to fight today?"
  • "You bested Skolas. What follows?"
  • "Many fights await you."
  • "You are the greatest of warriors."
  • "You are welcome, among my House."
  • "I am of House Judgement, Guardian."
  • "We are friends now."
  • "Good, good."
  • "Come here. I would have your scent."
  • "Ah, I know you. I know your… smell."
  • "Sssssh, come here."
  • (unintelligible chattering, like a growl)
  • "We are friends, yes, Guardian? Give me your Ghost."
  • "Little Ghost… come out, come out…"
  • "What does Petra need now?"
  • "Did a Crow send you? Or Petra? That prince Uldren?"
  • "Does the Great Machine speak to you, as it did to me?"
  • "Listen long enough and you will hear stories of great Eliksni heroes. When the Great Machine was still with us."
  • "Come here. What do you know of House Wolves?"
  • "Are you looking for the Prison, Guardian?"
  • "Not fighting today? Weak? Scared?"
  • "I am loyal to the Queen, all else you've heard of me are lies."
  • "I was a Judgement scribe long ago. I had much respect."
  • "Be cautious about the Wolves up there, hiding."
  • "You put on a good show for us, Guardian."
  • "You and I friends, yes? I admire your ship…"
  • "You're looking for Variks? You found Variks."
  • "We captured a terrible Hive beast. Caught it in the Dark. Even I don't know what it is."
  • "Just you? You need two friends. Strong ones."
  • "You work for me and I help you."
  • "We make a good team, no? I find Skolas, you fight Skolas. Tell Cayde he's no longer of use for Variks."
  • "You caught Skolas. You brought him to Judgement. You are my friend and you can stand there if you want."
  • "We catch all who seek to harm the Queen. You have the Crucible. We have Variks."
  • "Are you staring at my arms, Guardian? Where Skolas cut me? Look away."
  • "Tell me more of your Crucible. How you fight in the name of the Great Machine."
  • "One day soon I'll tell you the story of how our world ended. I'll tell you the story of the Great Machine."
  • "Tell me about about the City below the Tower."
  • "Do you think the Great Machine has noticed what we did? Will it speak to me again? Tell me where the great Eliksni have gone?"
  • "You watch me, I watch you."
  • "All these Guardians here. Maybe I'll catch a Ghost and take it apart."
  • "You! Machine! What chamber holds the new Cabal?"
  • "He's been back to the Scatter. Tell the Queen, she must keep me safe."
  • "And now we have Eramis, the Shipstealer, Baroness of Devils."
  • "And now we have Veekris, the Shipstealer, Baroness of Devils."[1]
  • "Tell the Queen I have news of Skolas."
  • "Skolas once told me to stand still. Then he cut off my arms." (some dialogue lost)
  • "You think you hate Wolves? I promise my hate is sharper."
  • "Someone is looking for Variks, someone has questions."
  • "Be sure to send word to the Queen."
  • "Increase the ether feed to the Archon. He's been quite entertaining."
  • "Why does the Queen hate you so? To make you watch Variks with such... vigilance."
  • "You've traveled far from your Light, Guardian."
  • "Do you want to know about the shape stealers? The wars for the Great Machine?"
  • "You like my things?"
  • "You work for me. And I will help you."
  • "You tell Variks if you find Skolas. You tell Variks first."

Prison of Elders quotes[edit]

General Dialogue

  • "Fight. Kill. Survive."
  • "Fight. Win. Live."
  • "Impress me, yes? Fight and win!"
  • "Impress me, yes?"
  • "Prepare."
  • "Prepare for combat."

After Introducing an Enemy

  • "They will want to kill you. Kill them back."
  • "They will try to kill you. Kill them back."
  • "Kill them dead, Guardian."

After Round is Complete

  • "Return/Retreat to airlock, Guardian..."
  • "Go back to airlock, yes?"

When sending a Heavy Ammo crate or Scorch Cannon

  • "Incoming..."

Announcing New Wave

  • "Reinforcements. Ready for combat."
  • "Reinforcements are coming."
  • "Incoming."
  • "Enemies advance."
  • "More enemies, Guardian."
  • "Be ready. More enemies on the way."
  • "More enemies have been unleashed."

Announcing Important Objective

  • "Dismantle mines, yes? Or... you die..."
  • "Mines must be dismantled. Or death."
  • "Intercept important target. Or, you die."

After Important Objective

  • "Success, Guardian, success."
  • "Success. You have done it."

Announcing Round

  • "Fallen of the Wolf Banner march to war..."
  • "You face Fallen pirate scum."
  • "Hive spawn claw their way towards your Light."
  • "Bonewalkers of the Hive await."
  • "Hive, creatures of the Darkness, arise."
  • "Foot soldiers of the Cabal rise to the challenge."
  • "Warbeasts of the Cabal await."
  • "Time lost Vex arise."
  • "Vex incursion. Meld of mind and machine".
  • "Servants of Oryx unleashed!"
  • "Taken come, want your Light."
  • "Taken advance on your position."
  • "A servant of Oryx hungers for your Light."
  • "Taken approach, beware."[note 1]

Introducing Generic Bosses

  • "Urrox the Flame Prince, scion of Oryx."
  • "Valus Trau'ug, Cabal Juggernaut."
  • "Cabal strategist Val Aru'un."
  • "The Wretched Knight. Dark blade of the Hive."
  • "The Overmind Minotaur."
  • "Pilot Servitor of a war-wracked Fallen Ketch."

Introducing Challenge of the Elders' Bosses[note 2]

After each Round

  • "Victory. Well earned."
  • "Your victory tells the tale."
  • "Enemies die. You live. Well done."
  • "They are dead. You are not."

End of Prison of Elders

  • "Taste victory. It is sweet. You have won."
  • "You fought, you won. Your treasure awaits."

Shadow Thief quotes[edit]

  • "Taniks has no House. He kneels before no banner, owes allegiance to no Kell. He is a murderer, and very good at what he does. I have been tracking him since Wolves broke their chains, yes? Now Taniks works for Wolf pack, but not for long..."
  • "Taniks has been sent to plunder the Hive. Your job, just as simple: Avenge the dead. Stop him from stealing the Dark."
  • "Taniks sees you not as an enemy—you are a trophy to collect."
  • "Watch yourself. Taniks is no common mercenary. He fights to fulfill a contract and hone his combat skill for... fun."
  • "Be cautious as you confront him. He will to try trick you. Fight. Win"
  • "I remember Taniks from the Reef Wars. Many Awoken dead. Clever, clever creature."
  • "Lift field distortion! Ketch just above you!"
  • "Taniks has called you out, Guardian... You are challenged in the ways of old...Fight well Guardian, fight... for honor."
  • "Notorious mercenary dead. No small matter. You will be rewarded treasure from the Queen. And my respect, as well."

Wolves of Mars quotes[edit]

  • "Reef different now. Petra mauled by grief, loss of her Queen. Same for House Wolves. Banner is torn, Kell is dead. And so they seek at cave to call home."
  • "Fallen Houses must hunt, prowl, scavenge, defend. House Devils has Earth. House Winter has Venus. And now Wolves claim Mars. Cabal will not be pleased."
  • "As do I. Wolves here broken, but still more remain."
  • "Was looking, searching for new Wolf Kell. Could not find one. Could not understand House Wolves tactics... bad tactics. Fight Cabal? (laughs) Could not find new Kell because there is no Kell. House Wolves follows a new god, a Servitor, a Prime. This is a pilgrimage, Guardian. And for faith, they will stop at nothing."
  • "Guardian, they have rebuilt Prime. House Wolves machine god of old. Destroy it. Destroy it fast!"
  • "Prime is dead. House Wolves will scatter. With no god, no Kell, House is broken once again. Hopefully this time, for good."

Lost to Light quotes (Daily Heroic only)[edit]

  • "Guardian, this is Variks. Detected signal. Detected you. Ketch out of Fallen hands. Watch your back."
  • "Taken will not rest. Will claim every house. Consume every banner. You must stand, Guardian, yes? Or all shall fall."

Beyond Light quotes[edit]

  • "What have you seen out there? Look beyond the frozen wasteland... Europa is a place of many mysteries... Do not lose your way... We all come to this moon looking for answers. What do you hope to find?"
  • "Darkness walks among us, we are all in great danger. My kind must survive... please send help."
  • "Wait! Old friend, these powers, they are changing you."
  • "In Darkness, there is only one truth... death."
  • "I have seen what power has done to Eramis, but perhaps you are different... perhaps there is hope."


  1. ^ This quote is voiced over by the above one, and has no audio to date.
  2. ^ The Seditious Mind does not have its own unique introduction