Server Farm

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Server Farm



Enemy factions:

Devil Splicers

Connecting areas:

Perfection Complex

Patrol beacons:



Server Farm is a location in the Plaguelands. It is accessible during the Wrath of the Machine Raid. It is a facility run by Clovis Bray I where SIVA is created and manufactured.

Points of interest[edit]

  • Two monitors can be found inside the "maze" portion of the farm. If two players move to each monitor while the rest advance to the room with the large SIVA generator, they will be able to solve a platform-based puzzle that opens the generator, revealing another monitor inside. Turning it on along with the rest of the previous monitors allows the Fireteam to access a small room that contains a chest, which hold the SIVA Engine curio, the trigger for the Outbreak Prime quest.

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