Perfection Complex

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Perfection Complex
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Enemy factions:

Devil Splicers

Connecting areas:

Server Farm

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"Fellow Houses. Fellow Eliksni. We have found the means to apotheosis, to become machines. SIVA can make you strong, but we can show you how to wield it, to free yourself from the bonds of Ether. Find us in the wasteland and bring us an offering of SIVA. In return, we will bring you to our chamber of perfection. And we will free you."
Grimoire: Wrath of the Machine

The Perfection Complex is a location in the Plaguelands. It is accessible during the Wrath of the Machine Raid. This is the lair of Aksis, Archon Prime and is a facility run by Clovis Bray I where SIVA is created and manufactured.

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