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"The village is called Patch Run. Population forty-three last week. Half of that at fighting capacity."
"That's a collection of huts. Not a village.
Saladin Forge and Efrideet

Patch Run was a small village in the Dark Age that was protected by Saladin Forge.


During the Dark Age, Patch Run would regularly be attacked by a Fallen House that was headquartered in a nearby makeshift bunker to the east. The Lightbearer Saladin Forge defended the village from the Fallen's weekly attacks, which left the field between the two groups littered in battle wreckage and corpses. Despite their weekly defeats at the hands of Saladin, the Fallen continued to attack the village regularly.[1]

After one attack on Patch Run was repulsed by Saladin and his fellow Lightbearer Efrideet by intercepting the Fallen on a nearby cliffside, the two spotted another attack led by a Fallen Walker approaching the village. The two saved Patch Run by having Efrideet use her Light to throw Saladin like a spear at the Walker from the cliff which utterly destroyed the machine.[2]

A group of refugees from Patch Run that included Lin and Mei attempted to make the journey from the village to The Last City. They were found and rescued from Fallen by Saint-14 and escorted to the City.[3]

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