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"You know we'll burn the world down before we let the Iron Lords rule it."
— Citan to Lord Felwinter[1]

Citan was a brutal Titan Warlord who ruled the 32nd Sector of Old Russia during the Dark Age. His territory's western border was marked by Citan's Ridge, with the land of his fellow Warlord Felwinter beyond it.[2]


Following the rise of the Iron Lords, Citan's neighbor Felwinter joined the order and sent a message to Citan asking for a meeting. Citan invited the Warlock Exo into his stronghold, where the two sat at a massive obsidian table. Angered by his fellow Warlord for having joined an organization dedicated to ending their rule, Citan barely kept himself from punching Felwinter as Light coursed between his fists. He remarked that he did not expect Felwinter to have the courage to come, but the Iron Lord merely claimed it made tactical sense to do so and thanked Citan for the invitation. Citan expressed amazement that Felwinter had willingly given up his status as a Warlord, and Felwinter extended an offer to him to join the Iron Lords, who would allow him to continue patrolling his former territory to keep it safe from threats. Citan noted that Felwinter had to know he would refuse, and was met by a threat that the if he did so, than the Iron Lords would kill him again and again and free his territory by force if they had to.[1]

Outraged at being threatened within his own stronghold, Citan rose, angrily noting that he had willingly invited Felwinter there after he had abandoned the Warlords. Felwinter claimed to be there to establish peace, although Citan could tell by his voice that Felwinter did not mean it. Citan quickly upended the obsidian table with one hand and threw it at Felwinter, but the Warlock passed through it with Void energy before it smashed against the wall. As he prepared to counter the strike he expected from Felwinter, Citan was felled by a swift knee strike to his head and collapsed to the floor, his helmet shattered and face bleeding. As Felwinter stood over him, Citan vowed that the Warlords would burn the world before they let the Iron Lords take it from them, but Felwinter used Void Light to snap his neck. Felwinter claimed that he would normally offer Citan another chance to join them, but he knew of the Warlord's brutal subjugation of the lands he ruled and would not allow him to walk away without punishment. Citan's Ghost brought him back moments later, but as he let out a battle roar, Felwinter killed him again with a blast from his shotgun and destroyed his Ghost, ending Citan's life and tyranny over the land he ruled.[1]

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