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Master Ives was the Cryptarch of the Vestian Outpost. In Destiny, he shares the same reputation level as Master Rahool, so he doesn't need to be leveled up independently. He will also purchase any artifacts from players, as well as any Royal Amethyst they've recovered.

In Destiny 2, sometime around the events of Forsaken, Master Ives was found murdered and the Guardian pursues his killers during the events of the Festival of the Lost. [1]


After Queen Mara Sov granted the Vanguard access to the Vestian Outpost, Ives was assigned to assist Guardians there with decrypting engrams. Ives was introduced to a Guardian who had been aided by the Queen, and whom he had heard much of from Master Rahool. He informed the Guardian he was looking forward to doing business with them and hoped not to disappoint them too much.[2]

Sometime later after the events of Forsaken, Ives was found murdered by an unknown killer. Petra Venj contacted Amanda Holliday during that year's Festival of the Lost, who brought in The Guardian to help solve the mystery. Given a lead by Holliday from unknown sources, the Guardian found some of Ives' lost journal pages and concluded that the Fallen were somehow responsible. After scouring the European Dead Zone for clues, the Guardian came across a Fallen teleporter with Ives' Cryptarch robes hanging next to it in the Whispered Falls. After being told to follow by Holliday, the Guardian was taken back to the Cosmodrome for the first time since the SIVA Crisis years ago, as it was quarantined by Zavala. The Guardian explored the Breach, fighting off waves of Fallen, and slayed the one responsible for Ives' death: Kikliss, Murderer, a Fallen captain of the House of Dusk, accompanied by the Servitor Rudriks-9. Following this, the Guardian left the Cosmodrome and returned to Holliday, where they acquired Master Ives' Last Engram, which, when decrypted, awarded the Thunderlord. However, it is also mentioned by Amanda while in the Cosmodrome that the Fallen did not seem to have any apparent motive and that this event was most likely part of something larger.

Personality and traits[edit]

Reef Cryptarchs believe that their job is to encrypt matter and secrets, rather than discover them. They are often at odds with the City's Cryptarchy on matters of philosophy.[3] Ives, in particular, has a rivalry with Rahool.


  • "Ask your questions."
  • "At your service, I suppose."
  • "Now you'll see what a real Cryptarch can do."
  • "Warlock, right? I've tried to research your order. Very secretive."
  • "The Cryptarchy is at your disposal."
  • "I expect I can answer your questions."
  • "Warlock! No... wait... Hunter?"
  • "Let's see. That armor. You're a Titan! I know those sigils."
  • "Yes, yes. I recognize a Titan when I see one."
  • "Hello Titan. Don't look so surprised. I know what you Guardians like to call yourselves."
  • "I assure you, the Reef Cryptarchs are not the degenerate schismatics you're familiar with."
  • "You'll find that the Reef Cryptarchs are somewhat more competent than that Rahool."
  • "You must be here to help the Reef with its recent problem."
  • "I am Master Ives of the Cryptarchy, master of the Palace Division."
  • "I am Master Ives of the Reef Cryptoarcheologists."
  • "I am, by order of the Queen, at your disposal."
  • "Ah, good, I need muscle."
  • "I've been hearing things about... the Hunt. How do you fare?"
  • "You've come all this way for true Cryptoarcheology. How smart of you."
  • "Would you mind helping me with these crates... um never mind."
  • "How goes the Hunt?"
  • "The high Cryptarchs have dispatched me here to help you."
  • "The Queen's Guard are terribly embarrassed about this Fallen business."
  • "Hm, perhaps you can help me."
  • "Why are you disturbing me?"
  • "Go hurt something."
  • "Let's see what you have."
  • "All right, you have something for me to look at?"
  • "Ah, one of the Queen's honored guests."
  • "I am at your service."
  • "Watch closely, and see what a real Cryptarch can do."
  • "The Queen has asked the Cryptarchs of the Reef to help you."
  • "Could be Jovian."
  • "You Guardians, you come here and take our finest things."
  • "No shooting in the Reef, Guardian."
  • "Are you here for mindless violence? Then you want that Fallen creature over there."
  • "All right then, welcome to this crumbling backwater of the Reef."
  • "Do you have something for me to look at?"
  • "Well, I hope you have something of interest."
  • "It must be very hard to think on Earth. The gravity makes your mind slow."
  • "One of Her Majesty's quests from Earth, I take it."
  • "Ah, Guardian. The Queen wants everyone at your service, so here I am."
  • "The web of alliances between the Queen and the Fallen is almost as old and as complex as the Reef itself. You should be careful."
  • "I'm a bit pressed for time."
  • "I told the high Cryptarchy that my research was too important to interrupt, but they wouldn't listen, so here I am."
  • "Does it surprise you to find the Cryptarchs out here? We're everywhere, you know."
  • "If you wouldn't mind stepping back a little?"
  • "My real field of research, of course, is the history of the Cryptarchy itself, but the Reef Cryptarchy is the true Cryptarchy."
  • "Run the Ventris Cipher."
  • "Used to be so silent here."
  • "Anomalies in the data, I see the hand of the Nine in this."
  • "Oh, this a clever little puzzle, Rahool, but you can't keep me out."
  • "Rusty, get to the Archive hull, fetch Lector Shylas for me."
  • "Just as I always say, the Cryptarchs of the City are in dire need of leadership."
  • "Oh Rahool. Wait til you see what I do to your latest little theory."
  • "This creaking, ancient, rusty. I can't be expected to work here."
  • "Expand the parameters and run it again."
  • "It doesn't make sense, unless the Nine are toying with us."
  • "When will I be permitted to return to the Archive, hm? I've neglected my work long enough."
  • "Hopeless theoretical error. The City Cryptarchs get worse by the year."
  • "Ives to the Scriptorian. Send me a Lector, one that can actually read House of Winter's etchings."
  • "I can't hear the stars here. I have to get back to the labs."
  • "Compose a letter. 'Dear Master Rahool, no no no, Honored Master Rahool...' "
  • "It points toward that Traveler. Claims it belongs to them."
  • "Ha, Look at this. Rahool, your brains have turned to mush since you left the Reef."
  • "Creaky? Go back to my quarters and get my warm coat."
  • "Run the Champolian algorithm."
  • "Down to the docking bay with you, Rusty. Pick up my packages."
  • "Send me some novices, stupid ones. I need some crates moved."
  • "One of the novices could refit it for you."



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