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"In my studies, I still struggle to match the tones to their rune system. If only Cryptarch Adonna were still with us. No one has yet to match her adept."
Toland, the Shattered

Adonna was a Cryptarch of The Last City and an expert on Hive arcana.


"Both causal and paracausal laws of the universe might… share a common… language. Getting a sample of the Hive's… music… will help me… study it."
— Adonna, explaining her research to Gimble-4

During her studies of Hive lore, Adonna came to believe that listening to the songs of the Hive could help her understand how the universe worked. She enlisted the aid of the Titan Gimble-4 and his Ghost Jeev, requesting that they travel to the Moon and record their singing, although she had to dumb down the language of her request for Gimble to understand. Adonna never retrieved her data, as Gimble became corrupted by the songs and murdered Jeev in the Shrine of Oryx.[1]

Adonna eventually perished under unknown circumstances prior to the First Crota Fireteam's attempt to assassinate Crota, Son of Oryx. Her demise was mourned by the mad exiled Warlock Toland, the Shattered, who believed her knowledge of Hive runes and tones had never been matched.[2]

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