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"I haven't told the team we're lost, but Bismarck's getting suspicious. That Ghost is too clever for his own good."
— Wilhelm-7 on Bismarck

Bismarck was a Ghost who was partnered with Wilhelm-7.


Bismarck accompanied Wilhelm-7 and his Fireteam, which consisted of him, the Hunter Agadir, and the Titan Pershing, into a mysterious cave within the Cosmodrome that they chased a Vandal into. The cave was supposedly a legendary "loot" cave, but by the second day they had not discovered anything and Bismarck started to get suspicious that they were lost but Wilhelm was unwilling to admit it.[1] Two days later, Bismarck talked with Agadir and Pershing about the situation while they thought Wilhelm was asleep, but his Guardian overheard them.[2]

When they did start finding loot, they were overwhelmed by the amount of Engrams and Glimmer throughout the caverns. However, all three Guardians were driven to madness by the mysterious curse that had been placed on the loot and began killing each other, with Agadir murdering Pershing and his Ghost. Bismarck begged for his Guardian to return to the surface, but Wilhelm refused to leave any treasure behind for the Cryptarchs to claim.[3] Wilhelm killed Agadir's Ghost and made him carry a sled full of loot but murdered him as well after catching him stealing from the sled. Bismarck once more asked for Wilhelm to leave the cave and had come to believe it was cursed and changing his Guardian.[4]

By their thirtieth day in the cave, Bismarck refused to compile out of fear of Wilhelm as the Exo descended deeper into madness due to the curse consuming his mind.[5] Eight days later Bismarck was forced to compile himself after Wilhelm shot himself in the leg and began to bleed heavily. Before he could heal his Guardian, Wilhelm murdered Bismarck in his delusional paranoia and was left heavily injured and without his Light.[6]

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