Crux Convergence

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Crux Convergence




Fallen, House of Salvation


Prevent the Fallen's communion


Crux Convergence is a Public Event introduced in the Beyond Light expansion. The Pyramid has sent out a number of Cruxes of Darkness, and the Guardians must prevent the House of Salvation from communing with them. This event is exclusive to Europa.


  • Investigate the Crux arrival site.
  • Defeat the Brigs to prevent the Fallen from communing with Darkness.


  • Destroy the Brigs


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When the event begins, Crux of Darkness and a small squad of Fallen will appear in the area. Killing the troops will prompt three Brigs to fall from the sky. Two of these are Death Cannon Brigs and one has a Missile Launcher, but they are all protected by an immune barrier. Standing under the Crux, in the white circle, will fill up a timer. Once it is full, the shield of one of the Brigs will deactivate briefly, allowing the players to destroy it. The process must be repeated twice, while fending off increasingly large hordes of Fallen, to deactivate the shields of all the Brigs. Once destroyed, the event will be complete.

Heroic Event[edit]

Three Fallen Drones will hover around each Crux, scanning it. If all of the drones are destroyed, the event will become Heroic. This will cause a massive Fallen Commodore to arrive as reinforcement, which must be destroyed alongside the other Brigs to complete the event for good.


Europa - House of Salvation[1]


  • The event used to be called Fallen Brigs at the launch of Beyond Light, and is still referred to as such in Triumphs.

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