Sunken Cavern

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Sunken Cavern
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Arcadian Valley, Nessus

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Connecting areas:

Exodus Black
Well of Giants

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The Sunken Cavern is an underground sector beneath Exodus Black in the Arcadian Valley on Nessus. The cavern inhabits several Vex chambers, connected through floating rocks in the center of a deep pit.


This sector is accessible on the south-eastern side via a tunnel system from the east side of Exodus Black, past a Vex portal, that would lead to the Chamber of Sky, and on the north-eastern side from the north-east of the Hallows.

On the west side lower levels is a gateway, that leads to an active Vex portal. This teleports to a small cavern, with another Vex portal, which teleports to the Well of Giants, but is only active during the mission Looped.

Points of interest[edit]

Ghost Scans[edit]

  • Vex Data Storage (NE-SC-1)
    • Ghost: "Emergency offsite data storage for the Vex, but it's missing too many components to function. Too bad - I hear Ikora was looking for a weird, hovering static chronodrive to add to her office collection."
  • Yellow Network Access (NE-SC-2)
    • Ghost: "They sure put this one out of the way. I was able to access their network for two cycles before they booted me. All I got was something about... Endless trees. Or... Forest? Weird."

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