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About me


I usually prefer "haha" over "lol."

If you're itching to know, I'm in high school.

Also I

Hobbies & interests

Animating, drawing, writing, occasional low-quality music-making, and reading Destiny lore. I have twenty-eight Destiny OCs (twenty-seven are in the same House) who I have yet to share. Most of them are Fallen. All have been named and given a title.

Favorite Destiny moment

I guess this one time in Gambit when I Shadowshot somebody while they were in midair (after being flung far from a Primeval I think...I was invading).

Worst Destiny moment

Several times during the Eramis and Kridis battles where I was frozen in midair and fell to my death.

Also when I didn't know fireteams could be assembled for missions so I tried soloing Darkness in the Light and Weapons of Sorrow.

Anything else

Valdriks is my most common internet alias. My YouTube channel has a variety of 3D/2D animation, and some original music.

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Thanks for that, also sorry for removing it though. I’ll rework the points you made into the personality I write, but there’s a lot of details I wanna include and I need to make sure everything segways and flows together. As in one point builds to another. It’s going to be a very in-depth look at her character, do revisit the page to see how I change it. I got 60% of her bio in rogue writing. Then there’s collecting all the images I need to add. You should visit Atraks and Taniks page I reworked, I’m trying to build Kridis, Praksis, Phylaks and Eramis to that level.