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Jimmy, Kell of Citrus Fruits

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Idk. He was probably born in Canada or something.


Jimmy does absolutely nothing until you hit him with Void damage, in which case he transforms into an orange and explodes, killing literally every killable entity in the game.

He resurfaces in the Dreaming City as Valdriks, the Absolute Flipping Imbecile where he jumps and explodes again.

He then becomes accessible on Riis as Valdriks the Jazzborn where he gives Vex Nog in exchange for twenty-five Etheric Spirals. Alternatively, one can give him two Dusklight Shards in exchange for eighty-five copies of Thorn with the Heretic Robe ornament applied. If the player does not have room, they will be given a Ghost shell that's literally just a picture of a mailbox.

List of Appearances

  • Destiny 6: Rahndel [First mentioned]
  • Destiny -204682: b [First appearance]

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