Pavel Nolg

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Pavel Nolg
Biographical information


The Reef





Political and military information


Royal Awoken Guard



Notable info:

Participated in the Reef Wars
One of the two Paladins of the Royal Army
Participated in the Battle of Saturn


Pavel Nolg was an Awoken Paladin of the Royal Awoken Guard. She commanded the Royal Army of the Reef.[1] She perished during the Battle of Saturn, presumably aboard Queen Mara Sov's personal Ketch.[2]


While Nolg was preparing to go to NLS in her Jumpship Retribution, she noticed a glowing creature on the exterior of the ship before the jump. This was the Awoken's first encounter with the Aphelion, and when Nolg returned to the Reef they found high levels of radiation on the hull of the Retribution. Nolg spent the next month in quarantine and under the observation of Kelda Wadj and the other Techeuns to ensure she suffered no ill effects from the encounter, while her jumpship was set adrift beyond the Reef.[3]

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