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Murdered by Prince Uldren Sov following his escape from the Prison of Elders.


"Paladin Dinna? You know that's my throne you're guarding, don't you? May I come in?"
"You're not alone."
"I have my retinue with me.
— Dinna and Uldren Sov's exchange as he assaulted the throne room

Paladin Dinna was the commander of the Royal Awoken Guard at the time of the mass breakout from the Prison of Elders.


During the betrayal of the House of Wolves guards who aided the Royal Awoken Guard in defending Queen Mara Sov's throne room at the Vestian Outpost, Dinna fought alongside her comrades in defense of the Queen and sent a distress signal calling for reinforcements. Although she survived, many members of the Guard were killed. Dinna and the rest of the survivors did not consider this a true defeat, as the Wolves had acted treacherously and not engaged them in a true battle.[1]

Around four years later, Dinna had risen to the rank of Paladin and was in command of the Royal Guard in the throne room when drop pods began landing across the Vestian Outpost as escapees from the Prison of Elders swarmed the Reef. Dinna and her soldiers barricaded themselves in the throne room and she once again activated the emergency beacon sending out a distress signal indicating that the throne room was on the verge of falling. She warned her second-in-command that they should not expect reinforcements in time, although her second wondered if the escapees might bypass the throne room as it was not a strategic target. Dinna doubted it and began having flashbacks to the previous assault on the throne room until she was stunned by hearing Prince Uldren Sov knocking on the door and requesting to be let in. Dinna noted he was not alone, as he had a routine of Scorn at his back, and warned her people not to let their guard down. However, the Prince used royal override codes to open the doors. The Guards threw flashbangs to disorient their enemy, but only Uldren entered and ordered them to stand at ease. Out of instinct, Dinna and the others relaxed, but she knew instantly that was a mistake and that something was wrong with the Prince. As she tried to realign her weapon's sights, Arc fire came from behind Uldren as he too began opening fire on the Royal Guard, cutting down Dinna and the rest of the throne room's defenders.[1]

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