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Osiris the New Speaker???[edit]

Now I wonder when the Ghost said that the Speaker wouldn't be the last leader, and there desperately needs to be a new speaker. Maybe Osiris will eventually become the new Speaker or at least the new de facto leader of the guardians after we finish the Curse of Osiris expansion?? I'm not saying it could happen it probably won't, but it just seems really interesting if you want to know the truth -- Titan66 (talk) 24:17, 10 September 2017 (EDT)

I'm sure the Vanguard are capable of maintaining control. The Consensus is gone anyway and the Speaker's absence is part of that. There'll be a new Speaker eventually and I'm sure it'll be Osiris. --stickΔαντε τηε Γηοστ Ι ωονδερ ιφ Ικορα γιϝες ηυγς το Γηοστσ. Ηεη... ανψωαψς, νιξε ωορκ. Τηις ις ωηατ Ι υσεδ. 00:19, 10 September 2017 (EDT)
That would be really cool!!! -- Titan66 (talk) 24:20, 10 September 2017 (EDT)