Caliburn Gatehouse

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Caliburn Gatehouse


Dreaming City, Reef

Connecting areas:

Dozmary Vault

Area type:



"This is the Gatehouse. It leads to many places. The vault where I stowed the scepter is one of those places."
Queen Mara Sov

Caliburn Gatehouse is a location within the Reef's Dreaming City where the Awoken utilized Atlas Skews to align star charts so that they could navigate the universe through portals.


Queen Mara Sov granted access to the Caliburn Gatehouse to the Young Wolf in order for them to access the Dozmary Vault where Ager's Scepter was being kept. In order to align the gate within the Gatehouse to the vault, the Young Wolf had to collect four sets of Atlas Skews to complete the star chart. Each set of skews also unlocked a recording left behind by Prince Uldren Sov reflecting on the nature of his relationship with Mara.[1]

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