Corsair Down

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Corsair Down

Quest giver:

Patrol Dreaming City


Track down the Corsair's signal.

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Corsair Down is a Quest that can be obtained in the Dreaming City.[1]


When killing enemies in the Dreaming City, one may drop an item that, when picked up, gives the player the Corsair Down quest. Reading the quest's description will point the player towards the location of a slain Corsair, which will either be in a Private Area or a Lost Sector. Entering the appropriate area with the quest will allow the player to find the Corsair's corpse. Once found, it can be interacted with, calling forth a small group of Scorn led by a Hand of the Corsairbane. Killing the Chieftain will reward the player with a Corsair Badge, which can be returned to the Corsairs in any of their outposts around the City.

Once all six badges are returned, the player will receive the Vengeance Bounty, which will allow them to track the leader of the Scorn assassins, Tirksnii, Corsairbane.

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