Wolfship Orbiks-Fel

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Wolfship Orbiks-Fel
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"The destruction of the Wolfship Orbiks-Fel during the Reef Wars is commemorated with every round fired."
Chain of Orbiks-Fel description [1]

Wolfship Orbiks-Fel was a Fallen Ketch, that was last mentioned in the Reef Wars. [1] It was both the flagship of the Fallen House of Wolves and presumably, the personal ship of their former Kell, Virixas.

The Ketch would later be destroyed in the War, which the Reef would celebrate its destruction by creating the Machine Gun, Chain of Orbiks-Fel.


  • Wolfship Orbiks-Fel appears to be named after the Wolves' previous Servitor god, Orbiks Prime.
  • It is most likely that Orbiks-Fel may have belonged to Virixas, the Kell of Wolves, until it was destroyed by the Queen's Harbinger attack in The Scatter.

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