Born in Darkness Part 4

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Born in Darkness Part 3

Born in Darkness Part 4
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Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Quest giver:

Exo Stranger


Empower the Skeleton Key and retrieve Clovis Bray's final bits of Stasis research from his AI.


Aspect of Destruction


Born in Darkness Part 4 is the final quest in the post-campaign questline in Beyond Light, which released following the "Deep Stone Crypt" raid and the awakening of Clovis Bray I in his Exo form.[1] Players will acquire the quest from the Exo Stranger immediately after the completion of Part 3 and unlocks the Aspect of Destruction quest, which players can complete to unlock their second Stasis subclass aspect.



With Clovis's journal fully decrypted, The Exo Stranger has tracked your final Stasis learnings to the Giant Exo Head within Creation inside Bray Exoscience.

It appears that to unlock it, you'll need to empower the Skeleton Key with Stasis one final time, before bringing it to the Giant Exo Head.

Follow the Exo Stranger's guidance to empower the Skeleton Key.

  • EXO STRANGER: Turns out, Clovis really did find Stasis power within the Darkness. He just didn't know how to use it. So naturally, he hid it. Lucky for us, he did so in the most Clovis Bray of locations. With himself. The giant Exo at the bottom of the Exo Factory? That's him. Well, his AI. And I think it's time we all had a talk. Ana included. This is her journey too. In the dark future, she was going to take it with or without me. And when I wasn't there... the Darkness was. I won't let that happen again.[2]

Step 1: Key to the Truth[edit]

Defeat combatants on Europa using Stasis abilities.

  • Stasis final blows: 50

You're ready to empower the Skeleton Key for the last time, but this time, with as much Darkness energy as possible. The Exo Stranger implores you once again to take this opportunity to embrace Stasis to do so, claiming it to be the best way to empower the key.

"With our journal decrypted, we know where the final bit of Stasis research is. Like I said, with the man himself. But before we reach the AI, the key will need to be empowered one last time. The journal implies the key should unlock something within the AI, and that we'll find what we're looking for in doing so. Start by using Stasis to empower the Skeleton Key with Darkness. We'll go from there."
— The Exo Stranger

Step 2: Key to the Truth[edit]

-Complete Nightfall strikes with your Stasis subclass equipped. -Use Stasis abilities against combatants in Nightfall strikes.

  • Nightfall strikes with Stasis equipped: 3
  • Combatants affected by Stasis: 60

The Exo Stranger shares that you'll need an immense amount of Darkness energy to empower the Skeleton Key this time. She asks that you take on powerful combatants to do so.

"Seems like we'll need more Darkness energy than usual to empower the key this time. So we'll take Stasis to some of our more powerful enemies. You've got this."
— The Exo Stranger

Step 3: Key to the Truth[edit]

Defeat the House Salvation Fallen platoon near the Crux of Darkness in Creation.

  • House Salvation platoon defeated

The Skeleton Key is almost ready. The Stranger believes one more boost of energy from combatants near a Crux should do it.

"One final burst of energy, and we'll have what we need to face the Clovis AI together. There's a Fallen Captain that's been making its way towards him. Taking it down should be all you need."
— The Exo Stranger

Step 4: Key to the Truth[edit]

Bring the Skeleton Key to the Exo Stranger in Creation.

  • Incomplete

The Skeleton Key is fully empowered. It's time to rendezvous with the Exo Stranger.

"This is it. Communing with the Clovis AI should lead us to his final Stasis research… though I am hardly looking forward to speaking to him again."

"I don't just have a history with the man himself. The AI and I had troubles of our own long ago. In fact, it was I who shut him down in the first place. I doubt he'll be happy to see me again.
— The Exo Stranger


The Guardian rendezvous with Elsie and Ana at the Clovis Bray AI.

  • EXO STRANGER: Ana... you came back.
  • ANA BRAY: Yeah, well... it's not every day you reunite with your robot sister after the apocalypse. ...And because I figured if you went to that much trouble to protect me, you must really care.
  • EXO STRANGER: I do. I've just been scared, Ana. About losing you, again. I thought I was doing the right thing keeping the truth from you.
  • ANA BRAY: All you need to do is be my sister, Elsie. Whatever truths we face, no matter how tough, we'll do it together.
  • EXO STRANGER: No better time than the present, then. You brought it?

The Guardian enters the skeleton key into the Clovis Bray AI.

  • CLOVIS BRAY AI: Confidential intelligence activated. It has been centuries since our collective passing, and yet, my granddaughters, Elisabeth and Anastasia, stand before me, alive.
  • ANA BRAY: Clovis?
  • CLOVIS BRAY AI: Yes, Anastasia. It's me.
  • ANA BRAY: Incredible.
  • CLOVIS BRAY AI: I assume since you've made it this far, you've come for my research. Potent Darkness energy. This is what you were looking for, Elisabeth? I could never use it, but... something tells me you can.
  • EXO STRANGER: I can. And will. But not alone. We can all use it for good. To save humanity.
  • CLOVIS BRAY AI: No, no, no. What? That's not what it's for at all. It's for research. For legacy. For the Bray name only.
  • EXO STRANGER: Why am I not surprised?
  • CLOVIS BRAY AI: Don't get holier-than-thou on me, Elisabeth. Need I remind you it was you who volunteered for Project Exo? You knew the Bray name was at stake, and you fought for it. Unlike your sisters. Oh, your mother, even your father. All ungrateful and weak.
  • EXO STRANGER: You were always a bastard, Clovis.
  • CLOVIS BRAY AI: And yet, you stood beside me willingly, even into eternal life. Life I gave you.
  • EXO STRANGER: Well good thing you did. Because I'm going to use it to help save the universe from evil like you.
  • CLOVIS BRAY AI: Your naivete was always your downfall, Granddaughter. Enjoy the gift. And don't forget, you'll always be a Bray... like me.

The Clovis Bray AI switches off.

  • EXO STRANGER: You know, Clovis was always problematic. But he used to have some humanity. Before he let the Darkness take it from him.
  • ANA BRAY: Screw him. He can't control us anymore. Let's take this power and use it exactly like he doesn't want us to. For humanity.
  • EXO STRANGER: Ana's right. We have what we came for. Time to take it to the Ziggurat. Come find me after.

Both Elsie and Ana transmat away.[3]

Step 5: Key to the Truth[edit]

Regroup with the Exo Stranger in Beyond.

  • Exo Stranger visited

Thanks to the new data recovered, the Exo Stranger now has potent Stasis energy for you.

"If I never have to speak to that bastard again, it'll be too soon. At least we got what we came for. As usual, it's potent Stasis energy, but it needs to be harnessed. Come find me at the campsite and it's yours."
— The Exo Stranger


Visit the Exo Stranger back at her base camp for one final dialogue to conclude the questline and unlock the "Aspect of Destruction" quest.


The Exo Stranger stands confidently as you approach.

"My friend, you have no idea how grateful I am for you and all that we have done together. This is only just the beginning."

The Exo Stranger pauses and takes a cathartic moment to herself before continuing.

"I've lived in a loop for so long, to be able to see this as a new beginning is… I don't even know. Something I began to think wasn't achievable. But now with you, Eris, Drifter, and Ana by my side, it's all becoming so clear." The Exo Stranger holds out a hand.

"This should help provide us even more clarity. And you, even more Stasis power. Once you're through attuning to it, return to me. I feel as though I owe you a million more thank yous."

  • EXO STRANGER: I just wanted to say... thank you. For so much. Most of all, helping me reunite with my sister. In the dark future, Ana was tempted. And I wasn't there for her. From now on, she can count on me. And when she's ready to wield the Darkness for good — I'll be there to guide her. In fact, I'll be here to guide anyone who wants it. The Vanguard only recognizes the Light. Someone has to do the same for the Dark. Or else we risk losing everyone and everything. We have a universe yet to save. I'm looking forward to doing it together.[4]

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