Born in Darkness Part 3

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Born in Darkness Part 3
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Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Quest giver:

Exo Stranger


Empower the Skeleton Key and fully decipher Clovis Bray's journal for information on Stasis.


Coldsnap Grenade


Born in Darkness Part 3 is the third step in of the aforementioned, post-campaign questline in Beyond Light.[1] Players will acquire the quest from the Exo Stranger immediately after the last quest and completion of it unlocks the Coldsnap Grenade ability for all available Stasis subclasses.



Decrypting a portion of the journal has yielded more Stasis knowledge. It's only a matter of time before you know all of what Clovis knew.

There is work yet to be done and pages still to decrypt to further understand and acquire all that Clovis knew about Stasis.

In order to further decrypt the journal, you'll need to empower the Skeleton Key with Stasis energy.

Follow the Exo Stranger's guidance to empower the Skeleton Key.

  • EXO STRANGER: Thanks for your help last time. I was able to decrypt a portion of the journal with what we found, and — it's even more unsavory than I ever knew. Amongst the madness, however, it appears our efforts were not in vain. Clovis hadn't just found Stasis — he'd enhanced it. Fortunately for the world, he didn't know how to use it. Just sat in a lab somewhere until the Collapse, like so many of his experiments. Decrypting the remainder of his journal should point us in the direction of that knowledge. And I know where we can do just that.[2]

Step 1: Key to the Truth[edit]

-Defeat Vex and Fallen on Europa for their residual Darkness energy. -Use Stasis abilities against combatants on Europa.

  • Fallen Darkness energy collected: 30
  • Vex Darkness energy collected: 30
  • Targets affected by Stasis: 20

The Skeleton Key needs to be empowered again, this time with Darkness residual energy from our foes. The Exo Stranger believes Darkness exists in every living being in some form, and the energy can be collected. She then implores you to continue honing your Stasis skills, which will also contribute the needed energy for the Skeleton Key.

"In Clovis's research, he discovered traces of Darkness energy in every one of his subjects. Humans, Vex, even animals. We know now Darkness truly does reside within us all. Further decrypting Clovis's journal has pinpointed our next decryption algorithm, but to get there, we must begin by empowering the Skeleton Key with Darkness."
— The Exo Stranger

Step 2: Key to the Truth[edit]

-Complete Gambit activities with your Stasis subclass equipped. -Use Stasis abilities against combatants in Gambit.

  • Gambit activities with Stasis equipped: 3
  • Stasis final blows: 60

You can further empower the Skeleton Key by using Stasis to defeat combatants in Gambit, since they are brimming with Darkness. The Exo Stranger believes it will provide quite the boost towards empowering the key.

"I know just the place to gain plenty of Darkness energy for the Skeleton Key: Gambit, or as I have sometimes referred to it to poke fun, Drifter's Darkness Revue. Using Stasis against our enemies there should give you the boost you need."
— The Exo Stranger

Step 3: Key to the Truth[edit]

Defeat Teraks's platoon near the Crux of Darkness in Eternity.

  • Teraks's platoon defeated

The Skeleton Key is almost ready. The Stranger believes one more boost of energy from combatants near a Crux should do it. Find Teraks, Salvation Elite Captain and eliminate their platoon.

"Let's cap it off with a bit of Ether. Another of House Salvation's 'elite' have taken residence over in the Exoscience building. Put an end to it."
— The Exo Stranger

Step 4: Key to the Truth[edit]

Bring the Skeleton Key to the Exo Stranger in the Concealed Void Lost Sector in Asterion Abyss.

  • Incomplete

The Skeleton Key is fully empowered. It's time to rendezvous with the Exo Stranger.

"You've done it. Now hurry to me. I invited Ana along this time after our last conversation, and we have much to uncover together."
— The Exo Stranger


The Guardian meets with Elsie and Ana Bray together.

  • ANA BRAY: I knew Clovis was bad, but all this... I'm feeling a little ashamed of being a Bray right now.
  • EXO STRANGER: Welcome to my world.
  • ANA BRAY: Elsie... Clovis, you... This is all I wanted. All I searched for. But you've been around this whole time, and I never heard from you —

Ana notices the Guardian arrive.

  • ANA BRAY: Guardian? What are you doing here?
  • EXO STRANGER: This is actually why I brought you here, Ana.

The Guardian inserts the key into the console.

  • EXO STRANGER: Perfect. This is exactly what we need to decrypt the journal and find that Stasis research.
  • ANA BRAY: Stasis? You mean Darkness power?
  • EXO STRANGER: Ana... what we're doing here is extremely important. Stasis is just a tool. We've used it for good —
  • ANA BRAY: You're using Darkness?
  • GHOST: I was skeptical at first too, Ana —
  • ANA BRAY: Both of you? After everything it's done to us?
  • EXO STRANGER: Ana. Our past — I thought that keeping it from you was the best way to protect you.
  • ANA BRAY: Protect me? I've been protecting myself just fine without your help, thanks. And this? Using the Darkness? That can't end well.
  • EXO STRANGER: And it didn't before. But this time —
  • ANA BRAY: Hold on. Before?
  • EXO STRANGER: In another timeline, Ana, you were... too obsessed with your past for your own good. And I was... too selfish for my own good. The truth is... I'm not from this timeline. Where I come from, the Darkness won. And I tried to shield you from it, but all I did was... drive you to it. I'm sorry for keeping so much from you. I think the best way to help you now... is just to be there for you.
  • ANA BRAY: Look... I don't mean to be ungrateful, and it's incredible that you're alive. Really. But I... don't know how to handle this. I'm sorry.
  • EXO STRANGER: Ana, wait —

Ana transmats away.

  • GHOST: Being honest with her was the right thing to do.
  • EXO STRANGER: Time will tell. For now, I'll keep working to find the location of Clovis's Stasis research. We'll talk again soon.

Elsie transmats away.[3]

Step 5: Key to the Truth[edit]

Regroup with the Exo Stranger in Beyond.

  • Exo Stranger visited

Thanks to the new data recovered, the Exo Stranger has another Stasis-related gift for you.

"Ana will come around… I hope. In the meantime, Clovis's journal has turned up another Stasis enhancement, and I want you to have it. You know where to find me."
— The Exo Stranger


Visit the Exo Stranger back at her base camp to unlock the Coldsnap Grenade for your Stasis subclasses upon completion.


The Exo Stranger seems troubled as you approach.

"Perhaps I shouldn't have dropped so much on Ana at once. In my past attempts to befriend her—across other timelines—I always tried to ease her in to these revelations."

She shifts uncomfortably.

"But we no longer have time for ease. I just hope that by creating a different world—one where the Darkness can't get its filthy claws into our heads—that Ana will come around. If she doesn't… then this whole thing may be a wash once again."

The Exo Stranger shakes it off.

"No, it can't be. This time, things truly are different. You're walking proof of that: you and your resilience to the manipulations of Darkness. So let's keep up the good fight by continuing to use Clovis's research for good. Speaking of, here's what I found this time. It's yours to do with as you please."[4]

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