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Basic information
Real name





uhhh... Tower?


Last City and Burritos. (MMMM... Burritos)

Places I've lived

Earth, Venus, Titan, Mercury, Io, Nessus, Jupiter, Reef, Moon, and Mars. Woof! That's a lot.


Hivebane education.

About me

sup. i'm phos. (Quick fourth wall break. I'm the brother in IRL to Virgil the Ghost. And didn't really want to join sense I'd probably not do much but he insisted. So here I am. Anyway, back to destiny.) i was told to find a guardian named Yarnimn but i never found her. my visions always led me to vex planets such as mercury or nessus. but once i got to venus i thought. what if she was erased during the collapse? so i headed for the vault of glass. just as i got there i saw him... Dante... he was leaving with his amazing shell. i was in awe but i had to keep going. and once i got to Atheon's chamber all i saw was dust on the ground. "It's been gone for a long time." I thought to myself. but then they arrived. The Descendants! They trapped me and began to experiment on me. but eventually Virgil and four guardians arrived for an expedition of the Vault. they annihilated all the vex and freed me. this vex tech I'm infused with allows me to decode engrams. Don't ask me how because if I was payed to tell you I'd be two cents short of a paycheck. My hobbies include, Wearing bed sheets, stealing burritos from Primus Drag'outh when he's distracted with City stuff, decoding Rahool's engrams when he's not looking, selling random crud I find on enemy bodies such was wretch blades, knight cyten helms, and more. Scaring Louis into flapping in Mrs. Hawthorn's face, and making a bed out of New Monarchy's overhang cloths. I may be a trouble maker but at least I get the job done when it comes to all things vex!

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"This is Virgil BTW."
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"woops I'm on Phos' account!"
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"Wow that's confusing but I think I'll get it! Thanks man!"
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"Hey Spartacus! Virgil told me that you sent him (in his mindset) a scary..."
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"I guess. And Virgil told me too be a ghost sense we're brothers IRL. I w..."
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Personal information

Transformers. That's it. (Dumb I know)




Undertale, Dream Theater, NyxtheSheild, Edobean, Hollow Knight and more!



Video games



No. Just. no.


Burritos! Burritos! BURRITOS!!!!!


Liquid Burritos.

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

When I heard Brakion died.

Worst Destiny moment

You know.

Anything else


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