List of Destiny 2 emotes

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The following is a comprehensive list of emotes in Destiny 2.

List of emotes[edit]

Base game[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Blowing a Kiss Icon.jpg Blowing a Kiss I could kiss you right now. Eververse Rare
Bureaucratic Walk Icon.jpg Bureaucratic Walk Please be advised, you must file form 7C and 9D upon each use. Eververse Legendary
Cheer Icon.jpg Cheer Way to go! Granted to all Guardians Common
Confused Icon.jpg Confused Huh? Eververse Legendary
Cower Icon.jpg Cower Make it stop! Make it stop! Granted to all Guardians Common
Cranking Dance Icon.jpg Cranking Dance Make them fall. Eververse Legendary
Cry Icon.jpg Cry Hey friend, feeling blue? Granted to all Guardians Common
Dancehall Icon.jpg Dancehall When your space needs some dance in it… Eververse Legendary
Dancy Dance Icon.jpg Dancy Dance Sometimes you've got to dance like nobody's watching. Eververse Legendary
Don the Hat Icon.jpg Don the Hat Different people celebrate in different ways. Eververse Rare
Flip Out Icon.jpg Flip Out You gotta be kidding me… Eververse Exotic
Floss Dance Icon.jpg Floss Dance Keep it clean! Eververse - New Guardian Starter Pack Legendary
Flowing Dance Icon.jpg Flowing Dance You've got the moves, Guardian. Eververse Legendary
Funky Dance Icon.jpg Funky Dance It's raid night, and we've got this fight. Eververse Legendary
Gallop Icon.jpg Gallop In a hurry, Guardian? Eververse Rare
Get Up Icon.jpg Get Up Got any fight left in you? Eververse Rare
Good Idea Icon.jpg Good Idea Is there a light on up there? Eververse Rare
Huddle Up Icon.jpg Huddle Up OK, team, what's the plan? Eververse Rare
Hunter Sit Icon.jpg Hunter Sit Sit like a Hunter. Granted to all Hunters Common
Hunter Wave Icon.jpg Hunter Wave Wave like a Hunter. Granted to all Hunters Common
Laugh Icon.jpg Laugh That's hilarious. Granted to all Guardians Common
Nope Icon.jpg Nope No way, no time, no how. Granted to all Guardians Common
Odd Dance Icon.jpg Odd Dance It's Cayde's favorite. Eververse Legendary
Play Dead Icon.jpg Play Dead You got me! Eververse Rare
Please Icon.jpg Please Ask nicely now… Granted to all Guardians Common
Point Icon.jpg Point Over there... Granted to all Guardians Common
Sadness Icon.jpg Sadness Hey, Guardian, it'll be OK. Eververse Rare
Salty Icon.jpg Salty Season with style. Eververse Exotic
Salute Icon.jpg Salute A soldier's bond is eternal. Eververse Legendary
Shadow Dance Icon.jpg Shadow Dance Everyone is a target. Eververse Legendary
Shoulder Dance Icon.jpg Shoulder Dance It's not a tricky one. Eververse Legendary
Shuffle Dance Icon.jpg Shuffle Dance Shuffle on down! Eververse Legendary
Sick Icon.jpg Sick It must have been something I ate. Eververse Rare
Six Shooter Icon.jpg Six Shooter Sturm? Drang? You don't need 'em. Eververse Exotic
Slow Clap Icon.jpg Slow Clap Great. Just great. That was really, really great. Granted to all Guardians Common
Sneaky Icon.jpg Sneaky I'm sure no one can see you… Eververse Rare
Spicy Ramen Icon.jpg Spicy Ramen Never forget... Eververse Exotic
Taunt Dance Icon.jpg Taunt Dance Where are you from? Eververse Legendary
Thank You Icon.jpg Thank You A little appreciation goes a long way. Granted to all Guardians Common
Titan Sit Icon.jpg Titan Sit Sit like a Titan. Granted to all Titans Common
Titan Wave Icon.jpg Titan Wave Wave like a Titan. Granted to all Titans Common
Warlock Sit Icon.jpg Warlock Sit Sit like a Warlock. Granted to all Warlocks Common
Warlock Wave Icon.jpg Warlock Wave Wave like a Warlock. Granted to all Warlocks Common
Watch Your Back Icon.jpg Watch Your Back It's your neck on the line, pal. Eververse Rare
Whoa There Icon.jpg Whoa There Hold your Sparrows! Granted to all Guardians Common
Yawn Icon.jpg Yawn So bored… Granted to all Guardians Common
Yes Icon.jpg Yes Yes, absolutely. Granted to all Guardians Common
You're the Guardian Icon.jpg You're the Guardian Don't worry. You've got this. Eververse Rare

Curse of Osiris[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Amour Dance Icon.jpg Amour Dance For that special someone. Eververse - Crimson Days Legendary
Call Me Icon.jpg Call Me Wanna join my fireteam? Eververse Rare
Can-Do Attitude Icon.jpg Can-Do Attitude We've GOT THIS! Eververse Rare
Cool, Dude Icon.jpg Cool, Dude Who is as cool as you? No one, that's who. Eververse Rare
Disco Dance Icon.jpg Disco Dance It's a dance that one must do… Eververse Legendary
Excited Dance Icon.jpg Excited Dance Don't get carried away now. Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Flaunting Dance Icon.jpg Flaunting Dance You're good. Really good. Eververse - Crimson Days Legendary
Giving Icon.jpg Giving You didn't think I'd forget, did you? Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Grooving Dance Icon.jpg Grooving Dance You've got Light, Guardian! Eververse Legendary
Heart Sign Icon.jpg Heart Sign I less-than-three you! Eververse - Crimson Days Exotic
Honest Dance Icon.jpg Honest Dance Keep it honest, Guardian. Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Humbug Icon.jpg Humbug Harrumph! Eververse Rare
Icecapade Icon.jpg Icecapade A bit wobbly, aren't you? Eververse - The Dawning Rare
Mic Drop Icon.jpg Mic Drop Nailed it. Eververse Exotic
Odder Dance Icon.jpg Odder Dance Or maybe this one is Cayde's favorite. Eververse Legendary
Overnight Dance Icon.jpg Overnight Dance Let me spell it out for you. Eververse Legendary
Selfie Icon.jpg Selfie Self-photography at its finest. Eververse Exotic
Sweeping Icon.jpg Sweeping Have you seen my broom? Eververse Exotic
Timely Dance Icon.jpg Timely Dance Adapting the power of the Vex. Eververse Legendary
Trendy Dance Icon.jpg Trendy Dance It's very popular. Eververse Legendary
Vengeful Dance Icon.jpg Vengeful Dance Beware my monstrous claws! Eververse - Crimson Days Legendary
Victory Taunt Icon.jpg Victory Taunt The Fallen have some good taunts. Eververse Rare


Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Aggressively Affirmative Icon.jpg Aggressively Affirmative For times when subtlety is a poor way to express oneself. Eververse - Solstice Rare
Air Quotes Icon.jpg Air Quotes This is a "great emote." Eververse Rare
Alliterative Dance Icon.jpg Alliterative Dance You have a dance! Put on your party pants and prance. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Applause Icon.jpg Applause Yes! Yes! Right on! Eververse Rare
Arach Greeting Icon.jpg Arach Greeting "Be reminded: You've sworn to the emigration. It may be needed at any time." —Jalaal, Dead Orbit Arach
Once you pledge to a faction during this Faction Rally, you can no longer use the other two factions' emotes until this Rally ends.
Eververse Legendary
Awaken the Warmind Icon.jpg Awaken the Warmind The timer is on, and your skills are required. Eververse Legendary
Celebratory Dance Icon.jpg Celebratory Dance Meet some friends, and dance! Eververse Legendary
City Dance Icon.jpg City Dance "Oh, so you can do a backspin? Watch and learn!" —Lord Shaxx Granted to all Human Guardians Legendary
Curtain Call Icon.jpg Curtain Call Thank you, thank you! Oh, thank you! Eververse Exotic
Festival Dance Icon.jpg Festival Dance Join the celebration and move to the beat! Eververse - Solstice Exotic
Fireworks Icon.jpg Fireworks Guardians don't need to ignite their Light to shine. Eververse Exotic
Fishing Icon.jpg Fishing Sure, sure. You caught the big one. No, I totally believe you. Eververse - Solstice Exotic
Freaky Dance Icon.jpg Freaky Dance Get on it, yo! Eververse Legendary
Graceful Dance Icon.jpg Graceful Dance "The Awoken shall always be graceful as we dance in remembrance of our Queen." —Petra Venj Granted to all Awoken Guardians Legendary
Hail the Monarch Icon.jpg Hail the Monarch "Only a monarch can raise the City from these ashes." —Hideo, New Monarchy Executor
Once you pledge to a faction during this Faction Rally, you can no longer use the other two factions' emotes until this Rally ends.
Eververse Legendary
Herald Dance Icon.jpg Herald Dance Dance until your presence is announced! Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Hold On Icon.jpg Hold On I'm busy right now, OK? Eververse Legendary
Home Run Icon.jpg Home Run …Called it! Eververse Exotic
I'm Open Icon.jpg I'm Open Pass me the relic! Eververse Rare
Impatience Icon.jpg Impatience I'm waiting! Eververse Rare
Luxurious Toast Icon.jpg Luxurious Toast Life's good when you make friends. Eververse Exotic
Opulent Clap Icon.jpg Opulent Clap I summon thee. Eververse Rare
Popcorn Icon.jpg Popcorn "I can't believe what I'm seeing!" —Lord Shaxx Eververse Exotic
Popping Dance Icon.jpg Popping Dance "You should see Lakshmi-2 get down on the dance floor. I swear, she has gears that the rest of us just don't have…" —Cayde-6 Granted to all Exo Guardians Legendary
Raise the Roof Icon.jpg Raise the Roof Raise it! Eververse - Solstice Rare
Salute of the Lords Icon.jpg Salute of the Lords "Beneath the branches of our iron tree we reminisce and sing dirges for the lost." —Lady Skorri Eververse Exotic
Sassy Taunt Icon.jpg Sassy Taunt Who's better than me? Nobody. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Shiver Icon.jpg Shiver Brr, it's cold… Eververse Rare
Sign of the Future Icon.jpg Sign of the Future "Our Red War prophecy came true. We were ready, the others were not." —Lakshmi-2, Future War Cult Superior
Once you pledge to a faction during this Faction Rally, you can no longer use the other two factions' emotes until this Rally ends.
Eververse Legendary
Synced Dance Icon.jpg Synced Dance Do it together! Eververse Legendary
Teamwork Dance Icon.jpg Teamwork Dance We're all on the same team, so let's dance! Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Zeus-Like Physique Icon.jpg Zeus-Like Physique Let me show you my muscles! Eververse Rare


Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Accidental Dance Icon.jpg Accidental Dance Again! Really? Why do you keep doing this dance? Eververse Legendary
All Alone Icon.jpg All Alone It's OK, I'm fine. Everything is fine… Eververse Exotic
All Mine Icon.jpg All Mine They're mine, all MINE! Eververse Exotic
Awkward Greeting Icon.jpg Awkward Greeting Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Eververse Rare
Beguiling Dance Icon.jpg Beguiling Dance I won't dance with just anyone. Eververse Legendary
Cerebral Explosion Icon.jpg Cerebral Explosion The universe contains mysteries that would shatter the minds of the unready. Eververse Exotic
Denial Dance Icon.jpg Denial Dance Don't be sad! You may have lost, but we can still dance. Eververse Legendary
Do Not Want Icon.jpg Do Not Want Yeah, I'd rather not… Eververse Rare
Heroic Guitarist Icon.jpg Heroic Guitarist Employ the power of music! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Linear Fusion Dance Icon.jpg Linear Fusion Dance Bring things together and dance! Eververse Legendary
Lucky Shot Icon.jpg Lucky Shot Boom! One shot! Eververse Rare
Magnificent Dance Icon.jpg Magnificent Dance Be sure to observe my glorious dance! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Potential Dance Icon.jpg Potential Dance Old things, new again. Eververse Legendary
Poultry Petting Icon.jpg Poultry Petting Even the meekest among us deserve to be cared for. Eververse Exotic
Prankster Dance Icon.jpg Prankster Dance …and kick and kick and kick and kick… Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Red Card Icon.jpg Red Card Your game is over. Eververse Exotic
Rev It Up Icon.jpg Rev It Up Get on your Sparrow and make it purr. Eververse Rare
Sad Trombone Icon.jpg Sad Trombone You were so close… Eververse Exotic
Smooth Dance Icon.jpg Smooth Dance No worries here… Eververse Legendary
Spell of Abolition Icon.jpg Spell of Abolition Practice the dark arts of the Techeun. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Standoff Icon.jpg Standoff The fastest draw in the solar system. Eververse Exotic
Summoning Dance Icon.jpg Summoning Dance Everyone is summoned to dance! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Unbridled Enthusiasm Icon.jpg Unbridled Enthusiasm Get excited and like things. Eververse Exotic
Warm Up Icon.jpg Warm Up It's important to stretch thoroughly after each resurrection. Eververse Rare
What Is That Icon.jpg What Is That?! I've never seen anything like that before! Eververse Rare

Season of the Forge[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Baking Cookies Icon.jpg Baking Cookies So many cookies. So little time. Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Casual Sit Icon.jpg Casual Sit A nice casual way to sit. Granted to all Guardians Common
Cheeky Celebration Icon.jpg Cheeky Celebration Yes! You did it! Eververse Rare
Chest Bump Icon.jpg Chest Bump Oh yeah! We crushed it! Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Coin Flip Icon.jpg Coin Flip Scorn or the Ace? Eververse Exotic
Comfort Dance Icon.jpg Comfort Dance A nostalgic dance to help one simply feel better. Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Competitive Dance Icon.jpg Competitive Dance A dance for the most contest-loving of Guardians. Eververse Legendary
Cringe Icon.jpg Cringe Oh no! No, no, no, no, no, no… Eververse Rare
Duel Icon.jpg Duel I challenge thee! Eververse Legendary
Explosive Dance Icon.jpg Explosive Dance You know who's the best. Eververse Legendary
Fist Bump Icon.jpg Fist Bump We got this! Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Floating Dance Icon.jpg Floating Dance Victory feels so good, so dance! Eververse Legendary
Get Out Icon.jpg Get Out That wasn't funny. Get. Out. Eververse Rare
High Five Icon.jpg High Five Up top! Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Knife Trick Icon.jpg Knife Trick How did you get Petra to teach you this? Eververse Exotic
Let's Chat Icon.jpg Let's Chat It's time to have a serious conversation. Eververse Exotic
Nothing Is Wrong Icon.jpg Nothing Is Wrong Everything is totally OK… Eververse Exotic
Oh Snap Icon.jpg Oh Snap It is my firm belief that you should not have done that. Eververse Rare
Protecting Teammates Icon.jpg Protecting Teammates You gotta watch your fireteam's back. Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Pyrrhic Victory Icon.jpg Pyrrhic Victory We won, but at what cost? Eververse Exotic
S'mores Icon.jpg S'mores When you need a quick snack. Eververse Exotic
Secret Handshake Icon.jpg Secret Handshake Those in the know are in the know. Eververse Legendary
Silly Salute Icon.jpg Silly Salute A very special salute for very special Guardians. Eververse Rare
Ska Dance Icon.jpg Ska Dance You can do this dance to any music. Eververse Legendary
Tiny Bow Icon.jpg Tiny Bow A shot straight through the heart! Eververse - Crimson Days Exotic
You Icon.jpg You You. You're the best. Just the best. Eververse Rare

Season of the Drifter[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Arcstrider's Patience Icon.jpg Arcstrider's Patience "It may look like fun—and trust me, it is—but don't drop that thing. You might hurt yourself." —Cayde-6 Eververse Legendary
Boxer's Dance Icon.jpg Boxer's Dance Float like a Warlock, sting like a Shank. Eververse Legendary
Chair Pop Icon.jpg Chair Pop This is going to be good… Eververse Exotic
Chicken Dinner Icon.jpg Chicken Dinner It's for winners. Eververse Exotic
Cloister Dance Icon.jpg Cloister Dance The Colonel's favorite dance. Eververse Legendary
Cup of Tea Icon.jpg Cup of Tea Who's up for a cuppa? Eververse Exotic
Directed Plea Icon.jpg Directed Plea It's right here! Seriously! Eververse Rare
Glide Dance Icon.jpg Glide Dance Show that fancy footwork. The Revelry Legendary
Good Doggo Icon.jpg Good Doggo Who's a good puppers? Eververse Exotic
Grooving Icon.jpg Grooving Turn it up—I love this song! Eververse Legendary
Hyped Dance Icon.jpg Hyped Dance Crank it and get pumped up! The Revelry Legendary
Newish Dance Icon.jpg Newish Dance Nobody is watching. Time to bust out some new moves. Eververse Legendary
Perfect Swing Icon.jpg Perfect Swing It's all in the hips! The Revelry Exotic
Reload Icon.jpg Reload I have two tickets… Eververse Rare
Respectful Handshake Icon.jpg Respectful Handshake Never skip leg day. Eververse Legendary
Ricochet Dance Icon.jpg Ricochet Dance They thought they brought it. They didn't. The Revelry Legendary
Rock Out Icon.jpg Rock Out Crank it up to eleven! Eververse Exotic
Shake Dance Icon.jpg Shake Dance Dance like you won! Eververse Legendary
Stormcaller's Patience Icon.jpg Stormcaller's Patience "Let it flow through you, but not consume you. You are a conduit. Between sky and earth. Electricity and matter. Life and death." —Ikora Rey Eververse Legendary
Striker's Patience Icon.jpg Striker's Patience "When a Striker turns her entire body into a projectile, no one is truly safe. And at close quarters, a fist is better than any gun." —Commander Zavala Eververse Legendary
Stylish Fist Bump Icon.jpg Stylish Fist Bump We got this. The Revelry Legendary
Wasn't Me Icon.jpg Wasn't Me You're looking for someone else. Eververse Legendary
Watching You Icon.jpg Watching You I see what you did there. Eververse Rare

Season of Opulence[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Breathe In Icon.jpg Breathe In …breathe out. Eververse - Solstice Exotic
But You Icon.jpg But You But then they… But then you… Eververse Rare
Consult the Archives Icon.jpg Consult the Archives There's gotta be something in here somewhere… Eververse Exotic
Discouraged Icon.jpg Discouraged You all know I'm trying, right? Eververse Legendary
Flag on the Play Icon.jpg Flag on the Play Penalty! Eververse - Solstice Exotic
Flick of the Wrist Icon.jpg Flick of the Wrist I could do this all day. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Giddy Laugh Icon.jpg Giddy Laugh Oh-ho-ho-ho! Ee-hee-hee-hee! OO-HUU-HUU-HUU! Eververse Rare
Hip Bump Icon.jpg Hip Bump We've got style. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Link Up Icon.jpg Link Up Together, we're stronger. Eververse Legendary
Meditative Moment Icon.jpg Meditative Moment Center yourself. Eververse Legendary
Mirror Mirror Icon.jpg Mirror Mirror Are you me, or am I you? Eververse Exotic
Paperwork Icon.jpg Paperwork I'll have that on your desk by Monday. Eververse - Solstice Exotic
Quick Hug Icon.jpg Quick Hug That's the stuff. Eververse Legendary
Sabrage Salute Icon.jpg Sabrage Salute We've got a lot to celebrate. Eververse Exotic
Silly Handshake Icon.jpg Silly Handshake Keep your wrist loose. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Static Shock Icon.jpg Static Shock Heh, heh, heh. Eververse Legendary
Stylish Sit Icon.jpg Stylish Sit Well, now you're just showing off. Eververse Exotic
Time Out Icon.jpg Time Out Hold up! Eververse Rare
X Marks the Spot Icon.jpg X Marks the Spot I'm gonna be rich! Rich, I tell you! Eververse Exotic
You Go Ahead Icon.jpg You Go Ahead I just gotta catch my breath. Eververse Rare


Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Hearing Whispers Icon.jpg Hearing Whispers Shh. It speaks to me. Shadowkeep Deluxe Edition Exotic

Season of the Undying[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Be Sneaky Icon.jpg Be Sneaky We'll sneak up on them. Eververse Rare
Bone Boogie Icon.jpg Bone Boogie This one's a Festival of the Lost classic! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Boo Icon.jpg Boo "Paracausal power? And THIS is what you do with it?" —Asher Mir Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Camping Icon.jpg Camping Relax. We've got plenty of time. Eververse Exotic
Clash of Swords Icon.jpg Clash of Swords Existence is the struggle to exist. Rank 99 on paid season pass Exotic
Cross-Step Shuffle Icon.jpg Cross-Step Shuffle Moving and grooving! Eververse Legendary
Ding Icon.jpg Ding "Do you really have to keep doing that?" —Commander Zavala Eververse Legendary
Eat It Up Icon.jpg Eat It Up Enjoy yourself. Eververse Rare
Fireteam Fire Up Icon.jpg Fireteam Fire Up Goooo team! Eververse Exotic
Flare Gun Icon.jpg Flare Gun Over here, buddy. Eververse Legendary
Give Dap Icon.jpg Give Dap Don't leave me hanging. Eververse Legendary
Guitar Solo Icon.jpg Guitar Solo So metal. Eververse Exotic
Happy Feet Icon.jpg Happy Feet Give them a low-down beat. Eververse Legendary
Make It Stop Icon.jpg Make It Stop Oh, come on! Seriously?! Eververse Rare
Ninja Vanish Icon.jpg Ninja Vanish Keep your wrist loose. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Parting Icon.jpg Parting Such sweet sorrow. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Precise Strike Icon.jpg Precise Strike That takes skill. Eververse Exotic
Spring Showers Icon.jpg Spring Showers The sun will come out. Eververse Exotic
Tombstone Icon.jpg Tombstone It is with the greatest sorrow that I wish to pay my respects. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Too Hot Icon.jpg Too Hot Spicy! So spicy! Eververse Rare

Season of Dawn[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Blade Wipe Icon.jpg Blade Wipe We'll sneak up on them. Eververse Legendary
Bust a Move Icon.jpg Bust a Move For all the B-Guardians. Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Card Shuffle Icon.jpg Card Shuffle What's the buy in? Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Coin Trick Icon.jpg Coin Trick How did you do that? Rank 50 on paid season pass Legendary
Cowbell Icon.jpg Cowbell We may need more. Eververse Exotic
Dawnblade's Anticipation Icon.jpg Dawnblade's Anticipation Practice makes perfect. Eververse Legendary
Distracted Icon.jpg Distracted I was totally paying attention! Eververse Legendary
Face Palm Icon.jpg Face Palm For those truly cringe-worthy moments. Eververse Rare
Flashy Moves Icon.jpg Flashy Moves Take aim with these slick dance moves. Eververse Legendary
Galloping Knight Icon.jpg Galloping Knight Where'd you get the coconuts? Eververse Exotic
Get That Bread Icon.jpg Get That Bread Mmm, freshly baked! Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Graceful Spin Icon.jpg Graceful Spin 10/10 Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Guardian, Bye Icon.jpg Guardian, Bye! Hmph! Eververse Rare
Gunslinger's Anticipation Icon.jpg Gunslinger's Anticipation Haven't lost a finger… yet. Eververse Legendary
Heartfelt Union Icon.jpg Heartfelt Union Beat as one. Eververse - Crimson Days Legendary
Keep It Clean Icon.jpg Keep It Clean Come on people! Eververse Exotic
Nightstalker's Respite Icon.jpg Nightstalker's Respite Keep 'em sharp. Eververse Legendary
Origami Crane Icon.jpg Origami Crane Make a wish and let it fly! Eververse Exotic
Pigeon Feed Icon.jpg Pigeon Feed For the fine feathered friends. Rank 99 on paid season pass Exotic
Playground Ride Icon.jpg Playground Ride Wheeeeee! Eververse Exotic
Sentinel's Respite Icon.jpg Sentinel's Respite Stand tall. Eververse Legendary
Shake It Out Icon.jpg Shake It Out Keep it loose. Eververse Legendary
Something to Say Icon.jpg Something to Say Let the music do the talking. Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Spike Icon.jpg Spike Celebrate! You earned it. Eververse Exotic
Sunbreaker's Anticipation Icon.jpg Sunbreaker's Anticipation Speak softly and carry a big hammer. Eververse Legendary
Voidwalker's Respite Icon.jpg Voidwalker's Respite Calm the woes. Eververse Legendary

Season of the Worthy[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
All Right, Let's GO Icon.jpg All Right, Let's GO! Get a move on, little doggy. Eververse Rare
ANOTHER Icon.jpg ANOTHER! Keep them coming. Eververse Exotic
Big Red Button Icon.jpg Big Red Button I'll do it! I swear! Eververse Legendary
Blinding Imagery Icon.jpg Blinding Imagery My eyes! Eververse Legendary
Carry The Load Icon.jpg Carry The Load Let's take a trip across the EDZ. Eververse Exotic
Don Shades Icon.jpg Don Shades Future's so bright… Eververse Legendary
Feline Fancy Icon.jpg Feline Fancy Keep cat upright for safety. Eververse Exotic
Hand Cannon Vogue Icon.jpg Hand Cannon Vogue Finger guns are entry level. Eververse Rare
High Score Icon.jpg High Score Credit where credit's due. Eververse - Guardian Games Legendary
Hip to the Hop Icon.jpg Hip to the Hop Delightful. Eververse - Guardian Games Legendary
Hit the Bag Icon.jpg Hit the Bag Warm up that one-two punch! Eververse Exotic
I Surrender Icon.jpg I Surrender! Relax! It was just a prank! Eververse Legendary
Infinity Cubes Icon.jpg Infinity Cubes In one of these timelines there must be a solution… Eververse Legendary
Low Score Icon.jpg Low Score Big oof. Eververse - Guardian Games Legendary
Master Chef Icon.jpg Master Chef Welcome to "Cooking with Light: How to Stay Trim and Eat Well." Eververse Exotic
Masterful Flow Icon.jpg Masterful Flow Some have called it… "sick." Eververse Legendary
None Shall Pass Icon.jpg None Shall Pass Fly, you fools. Rank 99 on paid season pass Exotic
One... Two... Uh... Icon.jpg One... Two... Uh... Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out… Eververse Rare
Participation Trophy Icon.jpg Participation Trophy We are the champions. Eververse - Guardian Games Exotic
Patty Cake Icon.jpg Patty Cake How does this get us cake? Eververse Legendary
Recognize Icon.jpg Recognize It's all you. Eververse - Guardian Games Rare
Represent Icon.jpg Represent Remind them who you are. Eververse - Guardian Games Exotic
Shoulder Hug Icon.jpg Shoulder Hug Hug it out, bro. Eververse Legendary
Taunt and Flaunt Icon.jpg Taunt and Flaunt Too smooth to lose. Too slick to quit. Eververse Legendary
Torch Light Icon.jpg Torch Light Torches: recommended for adventurers and evil castles. Eververse - Guardian Games Exotic
Up High, Down Low Icon.jpg Up High, Down Low Don't leave me hangin'. Eververse Legendary
Whisper Sweet Nothings Icon.jpg Whisper Sweet Nothings Whisper them forever… Eververse Legendary

Season of Arrivals[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
A Sour Taste Icon.jpg A Sour Taste Nobody likes losing. Eververse Exotic
Air Riff Icon.jpg Air Riff Excellent! Eververse Legendary
By Candlelight Icon.jpg By Candlelight Who goes there? Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Catching Rays Icon.jpg Catching Rays For that natural glow. Eververse - Solstice Exotic
Commanding Presence Icon.jpg Commanding Presence Whether we wanted it or not… Eververse Exotic
Dawn of Invention Icon.jpg Dawn of Invention A new kind of Guardian is born. Eververse Exotic
Dubious Correlation Icon.jpg Dubious Correlation The pattern is here… somewhere. Eververse Exotic
Eager Beaver Icon.jpg Eager Beaver This is gonna be good. Eververse Rare
Elegant Twirl Icon.jpg Elegant Twirl Where we stop, nobody knows. Eververse Legendary
Fencing Salute Icon.jpg Fencing Salute En garde! Eververse Legendary
Fluid Dance Icon.jpg Fluid Dance Go with the flow. Eververse Legendary
Freeze Tag Icon.jpg Freeze Tag You're it! Eververse Exotic
Ghastly Durance Icon.jpg Ghastly Durance Cursed to haunt this place forever… Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Grasping Thoughts Icon.jpg Grasping Thoughts Fingertips on the surface of my mind! Eververse Exotic
Intimidating Snap Icon.jpg Intimidating Snap You looking for trouble? Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Leggy Dance Icon.jpg Leggy Dance It's all in the glutes. Eververse Legendary
Lunar Roar Icon.jpg Lunar Roar Echo through the night. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Miniscule Melody Icon.jpg Miniscule Melody Couldn't be more sorry. Eververse Rare
Nurturing Nature Icon.jpg Nurturing Nature All growth starts with but a seed. Rank 99 on paid season pass Exotic
Peaceful Rest Icon.jpg Peaceful Rest Take a break from the chaos. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Power Rising Icon.jpg Power Rising Unleash your true strength. Eververse - Solstice Exotic
Pumping Up Icon.jpg Pumping Up Feel the burn. Eververse Legendary
Rueful Wail Icon.jpg Rueful Wail How could you?! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Rare
Sign of Approval Icon.jpg Sign of Approval You're a true artist. Eververse Rare
Strange Visitors Icon.jpg Strange Visitors Do you want to believe? Eververse Legendary
Study Time Icon.jpg Study Time Victorious warriors win first and then go to war. Eververse Legendary
Summoning Ritual Icon.jpg Summoning Ritual Bring it on! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Rare
Sweltering Heat Icon.jpg Sweltering Heat Is it just me? Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Twisty Dance Icon.jpg Twisty Dance Stay loose. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Victory Shout Icon.jpg Victory Shout Nailed it. Eververse Rare
Wacky Inflation Icon.jpg Wacky Inflation Half off all Sparrows; come on down today! Eververse Legendary

Season of the Hunt[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Before the Storm Icon.jpg Before the Storm They'll never see it coming. Eververse Legendary
Buy Bye Icon.jpg Buy Bye See you never! Eververse Rare
Disk Jockey Icon.jpg Disc Jockey Turn up the beat! Eververse Exotic
Excessive Elbow Dance Icon.jpg Excessive Elbow Dance Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Eververse Legendary
Frigid Contemplation Icon.jpg Frigid Contemplation Chilling thoughts indeed. Eververse Legendary
Frosty Friend Icon.jpg Frosty Friend Warm hugs in the cold of winter. Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Ho Ho Hum Icon.jpg Ho Ho Hum A lump of coal for you, and a lump of coal for you… Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Jubilant Dance Icon.jpg Jubilant Dance Let the joy flow through you! Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Keeping Score Icon.jpg Keeping Score Another one bites the dust. Eververse Legendary
Little Bird Icon.jpg Little Bird What secrets did you bring today? Rank 95 on paid season pass Legendary
Looking Out Icon.jpg Looking Out What's that off in the distance? Tally-ho! Eververse Legendary
My Poor Friend Icon.jpg My Poor Friend How has it come to this? Eververse Legendary
No Worries Icon.jpg No Worries Shake it off. Eververse Rare
Persevering Dance Icon.jpg Persevering Dance Never gonna say goodbye. Eververse Legendary
Shattering Fist Icon.jpg Shattering Fist Time to break something. Eververse Legendary
Sleek Dance Icon.jpg Sleek Dance So smooth. Eververse Legendary
Snowshoes Icon.jpg Snowshoes Equipped for frigid terrain! Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Spill the Tea Icon.jpg Spill the Tea Got dirt on anyone? Eververse Exotic
Threatening Stance Icon.jpg Threatening Stance Show them you mean business. Eververse Exotic
Trailing Pyrotechnics Icon.jpg Trailing Pyrotechnics Guardians don't look at explosions. Eververse Exotic
Trap Setting Icon.jpg Trap Setting They'll come through any minute now… Eververse Exotic
Turbulent Weather Icon.jpg Turbulent Weather A storm front is coming in… Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Unchained Icon.jpg Unchained Nothing can keep you down. Nothing! Eververse Exotic
Victory Dance Icon.jpg Victory Dance Never let go of the game. Eververse Exotic
Victory Pose Icon.jpg Victory Pose Don't be shy. You've earned it. Rank 99 on paid season pass Exotic

Season of the Chosen[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
At Long Last Icon.jpg At Long Last The wait is over. Eververse Rare
Awkward Five Icon.jpg Awkward Five Yeah, you're my best friend. Eververse Legendary
Blade Breaker Icon.jpg Blade Breaker Empires fall before you. Eververse Exotic
Blowing Up Icon.jpg Blowing Up Tick tick BOOM! Eververse - Guardian Games Rare
Chain Yanker Icon.jpg Chain Yanker Are you for real right now? Eververse Rare
Chomping Dance Icon.jpg Chomping Dance This dance is jawsome. Eververse Legendary
Cracking Up Icon.jpg Cracking Up Loosen up those joints. Eververse - Guardian Games Rare
Faithful Pledge Icon.jpg Faithful Pledge Forever in your service. Eververse - Guardian Games Legendary
Festive Sparks Icon.jpg Festive Sparks Let your joy light the night sky. Eververse Exotic
Fist Pump Icon.jpg Fist Pump Yes… Eververse Rare
Flailing Dance Icon.jpg Flailing Dance Dance like nobody's watching. Eververse Legendary
Flip and Flex Icon.jpg Flip and Flex Eat your heart out. Eververse - Guardian Games Legendary
For the Audience Icon.jpg For the Audience Are you not entertained? Eververse Legendary
Head Banger Icon.jpg Head Banger Why do you do this to yourself? Eververse Legendary
Humanity's Shield Icon.jpg Humanity's Shield Not one step further. Eververse Legendary
Just Juggling Icon.jpg Just Juggling One, two, three, four… Eververse - Guardian Games Exotic
Playing Airplane Icon.jpg Playing Airplane Have the time of your life. Eververse Exotic
Potent Mixture Icon.jpg Potent Mixture Maybe the ratios are off? Eververse Exotic
Power Check Icon.jpg Power Check Impossible! Eververse Legendary
Power Lift Icon.jpg Power Lift Use your legs, not your back! Eververse - Guardian Games Legendary
Rising Dawn Icon.jpg Rising Dawn Light the sky. Eververse Exotic
Showstopper Dance Icon.jpg Showstopper Dance All eyes are on you. Eververse Legendary
Stand on Ceremony Icon.jpg Stand on Ceremony Well deserved. Eververse - Guardian Games Exotic
Stick Battle Icon.jpg Stick Battle Ow, my fingers! Eververse Exotic
Sweep the Area Icon.jpg Sweep the Area Swear I saw something… Eververse Legendary
That's the One Icon.jpg That's the One Yes, totally, absolutely, yeah! Eververse Rare
Tiny Tank Icon.jpg Tiny Tank Small machine. Big punch. Charity promotion - donate $75+ to Bungie Foundation's Giving Campaign between July 7th to July 20th 2021 Exotic
Vehement Flock Icon.jpg Vehement Flock Death by a murder. Eververse Exotic

Season of the Splicer[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Absorb the Ether Icon.jpg Absorb the Ether So that's what the Fallen are so interested in. Rank 99 on paid season pass Exotic
Arc Charge Icon.jpg Arc Charge This Warlock's charged up and ready to go. Eververse Legendary
Arc Clap Icon.jpg Arc Clap Celebrate your comrades, Titan. Eververse Legendary
Arc Spin Icon.jpg Arc Spin Would you like to see my Hunter skills? Eververse Legendary
At Wits' End Icon.jpg At Wits' End That's it. No more. Please. Eververse Rare
Cabble Skipper Icon.jpg Cable Skipper Questions remain about the "Guardian with the alligator purse." Eververse - Solstice Exotic
Eliksni Hatchling Icon.jpg Eliksni Hatchling The Circle of Ether Eververse Exotic
Embarrassed Icon.jpg Embarrassed Maybe nobody saw that. Eververse Rare
Fancy Footwork Icon.jpg Fancy Footwork Why don't we go where fashion sits? Eververse Legendary
Fancy Hat Roll Icon.jpg Fancy Hat Roll Whether tramp or champion, make a dramatic first impression. Eververse Legendary
Future Hi-5 Icon.jpg Future Hi-5 In the future, we connect at a distance. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Hacker Time Icon.jpg Hacker Time Mess with the best, die like the rest. Eververse Exotic
Head Slam Icon.jpg Head Slam Demonstrate your true ultimate power. Eververse Exotic
Head Banger Icon.jpg Head Banger Why do you do this to yourself? Eververse Legendary
Here I Am Icon.jpg Here I Am Flaunt your incredible look. Eververse Rare
Joke Bang Icon.jpg Joke Bang Don't be so glum. Eververse Legendary
Let Me Investigate Icon.jpg Let Me Investigate It's elementary, Guardian. Eververse Exotic
Mote Juggle Icon.jpg Mote Juggle Come one, come all to the great Solstice! Eververse - Solstice Exotic
No Fair Icon.jpg No Fair I didn't come here to make friends. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
No Signal Icon.jpg No Signal It's surprisingly difficult to get reception up here. Eververse Legendary
Read the Map Icon.jpg Read the Map Maybe it was a left turn at Arcturus? Eververse Exotic
Ready for Anything Icon.jpg Ready for Anything Get ready for anything. Rank 90 on paid season pass Legendary
Reflecting Glass Icon.jpg Reflecting Glass Who's the greatest Guardian of all? Eververse Legendary
Rim Shot Icon.jpg Rim Shot What is the deal with jumpship food? Eververse Exotic
Roller Dance Icon.jpg Roller Dance No parking on the dance floor. Eververse - Solstice Legendary
Sassy Hair Flip Icon.jpg Sassy Hair Flip Now make it work. Eververse Rare
Splish Splash Icon.jpg Splish Splash Put on your wellies and splash around. Eververse Exotic
Throne of Atheon Icon.jpg Throne of Atheon Guardians make their own fate… Throne of Atheon Emote Bundle Exotic

Season of the Lost[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Aim and Fire Icon.jpg Aim and Fire Measure twice, fire once. Eververse Rare
Bad Scene Icon.jpg Bad Scene Watch what happens to this place when you leave for five minutes. Eververse Exotic
Calming Down Icon.jpg Calming Down Breathe deep, Guardian, you've got this. Eververse Rare
Cat Ear Dance Icon.jpg Cat Ear Dance Nyah! Eververse Legendary
Coiffure Correction Icon.jpg Coiffure Correction Preserve your fresh look. Eververse Legendary
Conga Line Icon.jpg Conga Line Join the Mars Sound Machine. Eververse Legendary
Double Hands Dance Icon.jpg Double Hands Dance A dreamy dance sure to rock the planet. Eververse Legendary
Drat and Blast Icon.jpg Drat and Blast Cease and desist their foolishness. Eververse Legendary
Drumroll Icon.jpg Drumroll Prepare for the big news! Eververse Exotic
Fiddler's Dance Icon.jpg Fiddler's Dance On the green or in a round, come and gather to this sound. Eververse Exotic
Flick Dance Icon.jpg Flick Dance The hippest trip on Haumea. Eververse Legendary
Gourd Summoner Icon.jpg Gourd Summoner The darkest secrets, the most powerful rituals to summon the ultimate power. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Ice Carving Icon.jpg Ice Carving Masterpiece in a melting medium. Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
It's Over Icon.jpg It's Over The writing's on the wall. Eververse Rare
It's Showtime Icon.jpg It's Showtime Did somebody say my name? Eververse - Festival of the Lost Rare
Lagomorpha Lunaria Icon.jpg Lagomorpha Lunaria "Legends say this lunar creature holds powerful gifts, but who would ever visit the moon to check?" Eververse Exotic
Lion Tamer Icon.jpg Lion Tamer The mightiest foes cower before you, Guardian. Eververse Exotic
Necromance Dance Icon.jpg Necromance Dance A spooky dance for a spooky time. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Oh, Hello Icon.jpg Oh, Hello A bold greeting for a bold champion. Eververse Rare
Petra's Party Trick Icon.jpg Petra's Party Trick A simple trick with a deadly lesson. Rank 90 paid season pass Legendary
Pumpkin Dance Icon.jpg Pumpkin Dance The latest dance fad to sweep the City. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Rochambeau Icon.jpg Rochambeau Best two out of three? Eververse Exotic
Royal Alignment Icon.jpg Royal Alignment Sit like a queen. Rank 99 paid season pass Exotic
Ski Walk Icon.jpg Ski Walk There are ambitious ideas about recreation on Europa once things calm down a bit. Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
Slow Jam Icon.jpg Slow Jam Guardians, prepare to face the toughest threat yet… the festival formal dance. Eververse Legendary
Snow Bunny Icon.jpg Snow Bunny It makes all the children happy. Eververse Legendary
Snowball Fight Icon.jpg Snowball Fight Incoming! Eververse - The Dawning Exotic
Strange Brew Icon.jpg Strange Brew Was it blind-worm's tongue and adder's sting, or the other way around? Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Straw Dog Standoff Icon.jpg Straw Dog Standoff Let's you and them fight. Eververse Legendary
Struggle Skate Icon.jpg Struggle Skate Check your laces and learn to fly. Eververse - The Dawning Legendary
The Enigma Icon.jpg The Enigma The answer slips through your mind like delicate fingers. Eververse Exotic

30th Anniversary Pack[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Anniversary Pose Icon.jpg Anniversary Pose No Guardian is an island, but this comes close. Defeat 20 final bosses in Dares of Eternity Exotic
B-Ball Hero Icon.jpg B-Ball Hero Ancient wisdom passed from the Golden Age suggests that the ball itself is life. Eververse Exotic
Dandy Lion Icon.jpg Dandy Lion Floating through the skies, like little colony ships seeking new homes. Eververse Legendary
Drone Flight Icon.jpg Drone Flight Around your head in 80 frames. Eververse Exotic
Force Squad Pose Icon.jpg Force Squad Pose Milk this moment for all it's worth. Eververse Rare
Hat Wobble Icon.jpg Hat Wobble Ghost, do we have any new sequences? Eververse Legendary
Hi-5 Heart Icon.jpg Hi-5 Heart With all our hearts. Eververse Exotic
I Like That Icon.jpg I Like That Good vibes inside. Eververse Legendary
Joyful Burst Icon.jpg Joyful Burst Exuberant until the last moment. Face each of the Wheel of Adversity's challenges in Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty Exotic
Jubilant Decree Icon.jpg Jubilant Decree Jubilee means the cancellation of debts and the promise of a prosperous future for all. Eververse Legendary
Magnetic Attitude Icon.jpg Magnetic Attitude Solo Guardians may take down opposing armies… or bring a party all by themselves. Eververse Legendary
Rag Doll Icon.jpg Rag Doll Whoever said Titans couldn't fly? Resplendent Reward Package Rare
Ripe Sniff Icon.jpg Ripe Sniff It may not be roses, but it is yours. Eververse Rare
Robot Dance Icon.jpg Robot Dance Hydraulic fluid pressurized. Coolant levels optimal. Initiate rhythmic display. Eververse Legendary
Scary Feet Icon.jpg Scary Feet Something wicked this way comes. Eververse Legendary
Second Line Icon.jpg Second Line Bring some friends and your brass, Guardian; we're stepping out. Eververse Exotic
Shhhh Icon.jpg Shhhh! Walk softly, and carry an absolutely enormous mallet. Eververse Exotic
Spinning Juggle Icon.jpg Spinning Juggle "It's simple! By comparing the rate of loss of angular momentum varied with the length of the string…" Eververse Exotic
The Seat of Power Icon.jpg The Seat of Power We are gathered here for a most awesome occasion… Complete Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty with a fireteam of 2 to 4 Guardians Exotic
Too Cool Dance Icon.jpg Too Cool Dance With victory assured, take time to rejoice. Eververse Legendary
Toprock Icon.jpg Toprock Build it up, break it down. Eververse Legendary
We Came to Get Started Icon.jpg We Came to Get Started Hey, Ganymede, are you ready to rock? Eververse Exotic
Wild Thoughts Icon.jpg Wild Thoughts "Some of these Warlocks end up a few clips short of an armory, ya know what I mean?" Eververse Rare

Season of the Risen[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
A Funny Thing Icon.jpg A Funny Thing Does it live in the world? Or in the mind? Eververse Exotic
A Huge Crush Icon.jpg A Huge Crush No love was lost. Eververse Legendary
Bug Catching Icon.jpg Bug Catching Shh! You'll scare them away! Eververse Exotic
Canned Rage Icon.jpg Canned Rage Imagine this can is you. Eververse Legendary
Celebrated and Elevated Icon.jpg Celebrated and Elevated Raise 'em up, champ! Eververse - Guardian Games Legendary
Courtyard Celebration Icon.jpg Courtyard Celebration The height of decorum. Eververse Legendary
Dastardly Stache Icon.jpg Dastardly Stache Twirl for maximum cliché. Eververse Legendary
DIY Forgemaster Icon.jpg DIY Forgemaster Banshee would be proud. Eververse Exotic
Dropped Call Icon.jpg Dropped Call Hope you have insurance. Eververse Legendary
Force Squad Stance Icon.jpg Force Squad Stance An evil force approaches. Eververse Rare
Give Me a G Icon.jpg Give Me a "G" What's that spell? Guardians! Eververse - Guardian Games Exotic
Glaive Mistake Icon.jpg Glaive Mistake Nobody saw that… Eververse Exotic
Glimmering Gunslinger Icon.jpg Glimmering Gunslinger Kill them with kindness. Eververse Exotic
Hold That Pose Icon.jpg Hold That Pose Setting up for your big scene. Eververse Legendary
Maximal Malhari Icon.jpg Maximal Malhari A stunning victory deserves a stunning display. Eververse Legendary
Mental Manifestation Icon.jpg Mental Manifestation At least I'm safe inside my mind. Eververse Legendary
Power Nap Icon.jpg Power Nap Good Night! Eververse - Guardian Games Legendary
Reigning Champion Icon.jpg Reigning Champion Come take it from me. Eververse - Guardian Games Exotic
Ta-Da Icon.jpg Ta-Da You seeing this?! Eververse Rare
The Big Cheese Icon.jpg The Big Cheese Who cut the cheese? Eververse Legendary
Turn the Tables Icon.jpg Turn the Tables A sore loser's last refuge. Eververse Exotic
Viral Celebration Icon.jpg Viral Celebration Top 10 streamer freak-outs of all time. Eververse Exotic
Water Break Icon.jpg Water Break Stay hydrated! Eververse - Guardian Games Rare
Wiggle Worm Icon.jpg Wiggle Worm It tried to kiss me! Eververse Exotic
Workout Dance Icon.jpg Workout Dance Burn those calories. Eververse Legendary

Season of the Haunted[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Buzz Off Icon.jpg Buzz Off Get it off get it off get it off! Eververse Legendary
Cabal Loyalty Icon.jpg Cabal Loyalty Which way to the front lines? Rank 80 season pass Legendary
Conductor Icon.jpg Conductor Keep in tempo. Eververse Legendary
Finger Heart Icon.jpg Finger Heart Free finger hearts for everyone! Eververse Rare
First Gig Icon.jpg First Gig Ready for the next jam session. Eververse Exotic
Flaming Hula Hoop Icon.jpg Flaming Hula Hoop Better not let it fall. Eververse Exotic
Force Squad Display Icon.jpg Force Squad Display Ready at any given moment! Eververse Rare
Glow Stick Dance Icon.jpg Glow Stick Dance Got these sick glow sticks and these sick glow stick dance moves. Eververse Legendary
Guarding Glaive Icon.jpg Guarding Glaive It's heavier than it looks.
Glaive color updates based on Guardian class.
Eververse Legendary
Hacky Sack Pack Icon.jpg Hacky Sack Pack This time, I'm sure we'll get past three! Eververse Exotic
Happy Smiles Icon.jpg Happy Smiles Nothing but positive vibes! Eververse - Solstice Rare
Happy Stars Icon.jpg Happy Stars Today couldn't get any better! Eververse Rare
Hot Dog Eating Champ Icon.jpg Hot Dog Eating Champ Where I come from, we call that a SNACK! Upgraded Solstice Event Card Exotic
Knitting Project Icon.jpg Knitting Project Knitted pattern will change based on current Guardian class. Eververse Legendary
Live Disco Dance Icon.jpg Live Disco Dance Who said disco was dead? Eververse Legendary
Loyal Companion Icon.jpg Loyal Companion Forever a Guardian's best friend. Eververse - charity promotion Exotic
Paper Windmill Icon.jpg Paper Windmill The wind chill factor just got ten times cooler. Eververse Legendary
Rocket Stomp Icon.jpg Rocket Stomp 3… 2… 1… Liftoff! Eververse Exotic
Shower of Wealth Icon.jpg Shower of Wealth May the rewards of victory rain down. Rank 99 paid season pass Exotic
Skateboarding Icon.jpg Skateboarding Don't ask if I can do an ollie. Upgraded Solstice Event Card Legendary
Sparrow Getaway Icon.jpg Sparrow Getaway …I meant to do that. Eververse Exotic
Tee Ball Icon.jpg Tee Ball Into the bleachers! Eververse Exotic
Thunderous Sword Icon.jpg Thunderous Sword By the Light of the Traveler! Eververse Legendary
Water Gun Icon.jpg Water Gun Spray and pray. Emphasis on "spray." Eververse - Solstice Exotic

Season of Plunder[edit]

Icon Emote name Description Availability Rarity
Bobbing for Apples Icon.jpg Bobbing for Apples It's not nearly as easy as it looks. Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Brilliant Idea Icon.jpg Brilliant Idea I have the brightest idea! Eververse Legendary
Buster Ray Icon.jpg Buster Ray Sometimes it's the Busted Ray... Eververse - Festival of the Lost Exotic
Couch Nap Icon.jpg Couch Nap Just let me rest my eyes for a minute. Eververse Legendary
Disallowed Banner Icon.jpg Disallowed Banner No fun allowed! There's a sign and everything. Eververse Legendary
Dramatic Countdown Icon.jpg Dramatic Countdown And... ACTION! Eververse Rare
Energetic Explanation Icon.jpg Energetic Explanation I'm so happy you asked! Let me explain… Eververse Rare
Feast of Feelings Icon.jpg Feast of Feelings Ice cream just tastes better alone. Eververse Exotic
Fresh Baguette Icon.jpg Fresh Baguette So good you can't take just one bite! Eververse Legendary
Gong Show Icon.jpg Gong Show Might want to cover your ears. Eververse Exotic
Great Stuff Dance Icon.jpg Great Stuff Dance No one can stop the power of… dance! Eververse Legendary
Hatchling Huddle Icon.jpg Hatchling Huddle I have to protect them all. Eververse Exotic
High Seas Dance Icon.jpg High Seas Dance Join in, crew! I just found me sea legs! Eververse - Season of Plunder Exotic Emote Pack Exotic
Hold Me Icon.jpg Hold Me Ahhh! I saw something scary! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Investigative Dance Icon.jpg Investigative Dance Getting all warmed up to solve a mystery! Upgraded Festival of the Lost Event Card Legendary
It Was You Icon.jpg It Was You If it wasn't me, and it couldn't have been them… then it had to be you! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Rare
No Escape Icon.jpg No Escape Should have worn my good sneakers! Eververse - Festival of the Lost Legendary
Pirate Treasure Icon.jpg Pirate Treasure Feast your eyes on these, mateys! Rank 99 on paid season pass Exotic
Scene Clapper Icon.jpg Scene Clapper Scene five, take one hundred! Eververse Legendary
Spherical Ruminations.jpg Spherical Ruminations There is much to ponder… Eververse Exotic
Swab the Deck Icon.jpg Swab the Deck Put your back into it! Eververse - Season of Plunder Exotic Emote Pack Exotic
Take a Seat Icon.jpg Take a Seat Come on, sit down. There's plenty of room. I don't bite. Eververse Exotic
Tangled Strands Icon.jpg Tangled Strands All that time playing cat’s cradle really paid off. Lightfall pre-order bonus Exotic
Thinking Headache Icon.jpg Thinking Headache Let me get this straight… Eververse Rare
Victorious Captain Icon.jpg Victorious Captain Sea monsters are no match for this captain! Rank 80 on paid season pass Exotic